According to the newspaper, which refers to "well-informed sources", a gala dinner would have taken place in Stockholm on October 15, where Sweden's Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) and her Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis would celebrate the countries' hundred-year diplomatic relations.

But dinner has been canceled.

According to the newspaper, it is about the aftermath of the revelations of the tangle around the company Crypto AG.

The company was run for many years from Switzerland under the leadership of the Swede Boris Hagelin.

But several revelations in recent years have shown that the company was in fact owned by the American CIA and its West German counterpart BND - and that they built back doors into their machines that made it possible for the CIA to crack other countries' encryption.

The scandal has attracted a great deal of attention in Switzerland.

Crypto AG was disbanded in 2018 and the international operations are today part of a company with Swedish management.

During the summer, this company was banned from exporting by the Swiss State, citing suspicions that it had been untrue in its applications for export licenses.

Export ban behind

Following the export ban, Swiss prosecutors also launched an investigation and ordered a raid on the company's premises.

Equipment was seized there, which is now being locked up.

In practice, this means that Sweden and other countries can no longer have access to crucial software for cyber security, and this in turn should be the reason why Sweden has now canceled the celebration.

- One may ask why Sweden is acting to help a company with 80 employees in Switzerland.

One can assume that the Swedes are worried that crucial algorithms will end up in the wrong hands, says the Swiss investigative journalist Kurt Pelda at Tamedia, who also investigated the deal.

The management of the current Crypto company has rejected all allegations of having done something illegal.

The Swiss government has stated that the export ban will remain in place until the prosecutor's investigation is completed.

SVT is looking for the parties involved.

Sofia Karlberg has sent a written comment to Tamedia and SVT at the Swedish Embassy in Bern in which she writes that there are currently no plans for a visit by Foreign Minister Cassis in Stockholm.

She also writes about the company Crypto that Sweden "is concerned about measures that threaten the company's existence and whose foundations have not been clarified".