Sometimes we deal with items in our daily life, as if they will last forever, do not have an expiration date, and are easy to replace when they are broken or stop performing their purpose;

But it is not only food products that expire, all the things around us have an expiration date, and it is better not to use them after this period has expired.

Children's car seat

A children's car seat protects your child's life in the event of accidents, so it is extremely important to take care of it and install it correctly so that it performs its task fully, and changing the chair several years after purchasing it is one of the things that should be paid attention to;

Because even these chairs have a date after which they expire.

The "Healthline" website reported that the expiration date of children's car seats ranges between 6 to 10 years, which is determined according to their quality and how they are used. Child chairs are exposed to a lot of dirt, cleaning and adjustments;

To be the right size for the child as his size grows

The site also indicates that the high temperatures reduce the life of the chair;

Because the strong sunlight affects the tissues and components of the chair negatively, of course there is no law prohibiting its use for more than 10 years;

But it will not be safe for the child to sit in, especially for those who have used the same chair as siblings for many years.

Finally, the site advises that the chair should be properly disposed of, and not donated to charitable organizations so that it is not reused in a way that may harm other children, and it is better when throwing it to write on it that it is not usable, and it can also be recycled to make it another purpose with a different use.

The expiration date of children's car seats ranges from 6 to 10 years (German News Agency)


The life span of carpets is indicated according to a number of criteria.There are some general matters related to use, which can increase the life of carpets, whose duration ranges from 5 to 15 years, depending on how they are taken care of and the quality of the materials used to manufacture them, if they are made of nylon or Wool, it should last longer than other rugs.

Homestyle-carpets advises that the carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week, and that they are professionally cleaned by professionals every one to two years.

So that dirt does not multiply inside the carpet tissue.

According to OCregister, a single carpet can store approximately 20 kilograms of dust annually, and even if it is well taken care of, it will still contain a lot of dust that attracts insects such as moths, which affects the public health of people dealing With the room containing the carpet.

The site also advises that you should clean the carpets with a good and old vacuum cleaner;

Because the suction power generally weakens over the years, which increases the likelihood of dirt accumulating within the carpet fibers.

Running shoes

Although it may appear to the owner that the shoe has not yet worn out and can be used for another period;

However, in fact, it may be more harmful than beneficial, as the athletic shoes for running are stuffed in a way designed to comfort the jogger and reduce friction and pressure on his feet and knee, and after a period of use this filling begins to fall, causing pain to the runner, and he may not know that feeling pain due to wearing it For expired athletic shoes.

Fleet Feet reports that the shoes have a shelf life of 600-750 km.

But this is assuming that the shoe was new in the store, and it was not a factory for a while and was present in the store, for example shoes that are sold in sales will often wear out when used for a distance of only 300 to 450 kilometers.

Plastic boxes

No kitchen is without plastic containers and cans for preserving food or mixing food;

But there are some things that must be known when using plastic in the kitchen, the most important of which is that the containers must be of type 5 or 7 plastic, and this means that it is safe for frequent use with food.

However, Epicurious notes that even if the packages are written on them are microwave or dishwasher safe;

But you should limit this as much as possible, and try to replace plastic containers with ceramic or glass as possible.

The site reports that plastic containers can be reused for months without fear of them, and in some well-known quality brands the plastic may last up to 10 years;

But you must take precautions and get rid of the plastic as soon as one of the signs of plastic damage appears, which is the appearance of cracks, stains and the difference in colors.

You should limit as much as possible the use of plastic containers in the microwave and dishwasher (Al Jazeera)

hair brush

The hairbrush must be cleaned periodically, and Womenshealthmag advises that the brush should be rid of stuck hair after each use, wash it thoroughly with soap and water every week, and leave it to dry completely before reusing it.

The expiration date of a hairbrush varies according to several factors, such as the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the brush, the regularity of its use, the oily and greasy materials with which the brush comes into contact with the hair, and the regularity of cleaning it;

But in general, the site advises that you should change your brush every 6 months to a year, to avoid problems and diseases that may cause hair or scalp.