The successive departures at the head of La République en Marche further weaken the presidential party, already little in sight since the start of the five-year term.

Things could change, however, with the return to the foreground of those close to Emmanuel Macron to straighten out the LREM ship.


Within the majority, there is no competition for 2022: Emmanuel Macron has no rival.

But unfortunately for him, he hardly has a party anymore either.

The Republic in motion was already not very valiant and now its ruling class is torn apart, after the departure of number two, Pierre Person, on Monday.

The party's executive office took place in an electric atmosphere.

Direct attacks 

The "new world" is therefore far away.

Monday evening, we would have thought we were back in the days of the good old political parties with the names of birds and blood on the walls.

It was necessary to forget the benevolence.

This executive office, the party's governing body, ended in three hours of direct attacks.

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When the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, for example tried to minimize the setbacks of the movement, he was immediately tackled by Sacha Houlié, close to Pierre Person and also resigned from his functions at the direction of LREM: " I hope you are more convincing tonight than you have been on 5G. "

Guerini criticized, Ndiaye recalled

Opposite, the general delegate of LREM, Stanislas Guerini, is weakened in particular by the failure of the municipal elections, but wants to renew his leadership while remaining in his post.

Others call him "little Putin" and denounce Stalinist methods.

Spokeswoman Aurore Bergé has also left the party leadership.

In reality, discontent has been brewing for months in this party that many describe as a "dead star", without troops, without a line, without ideas, snubbed by Emmanuel Macron.

Things should change though.

We understand this when we look at the composition of the new leadership, with the return of several very close to the Head of State and "walkers" of the first day, including Sibeth Ndiaye.

"This is proof that the president was fed up with the war," believes a member of the movement.

It is also proof that today, LREM is on the verge of scuttling and needs to react.