[Commentary] On September 21st, Huaqiao University held the opening ceremony for the 2020 freshmen. Freshmen from more than 80 countries and regions around the world will participate in it either in Quanzhou or Xiamen campus or through live broadcast.

  [Explanation] Qiu Huiwen, an overseas Chinese student born in the Philippines, followed his parents back to live in China.

This time I entered Huada to study, hoping to realize my dream of becoming an interior designer in Huayuan.

  [Concurrent] Qiu Huiwen, an overseas Chinese student in the Philippines, Class of 2020, School of Fine Arts, Huaqiao University

  My sister recommended me before, and then she told me that Huaqiao University here is very good in art, so I chose to come back to study in China.

The classmates got along well before, and if you have any confusion, they will be very active and enthusiastic to lend a helping hand to help you.

The hope is that in the process of learning, I can improve myself, and then work hard to fulfill my dream at the same time.

  [Explanation] Wu Zelin, a freshman from Hong Kong who studied at Huaqiao University's School of Tourism, told reporters that he has liked basketball since he was a child and has also learned about BGI through CUBA.

The admission to Huaqiao University this time will also start an independent life away from his parents.

  [Concurrent] Wu Zelin, a 2020 Hong Kong student from the School of Tourism, Huaqiao University

  After all, I am an overseas student, and I came here alone without knowing what to do or prepare.

However, seniors and senior sisters will quickly add our contact information to let us do some things in advance, and help us get the dormitory and lead us to get to know some places in China.

  [Explanation] Wang Bojun, an overseas Chinese student in Fiji who has participated in the "Orientation" for several consecutive years, said that because of the epidemic, the school's management is stricter. In order to let the younger students adapt as soon as possible, it is more important to lead by example.

  [Concurrent] Wang Bojun, a Fijian overseas Chinese student, Class of 2017, School of Business Administration, Huaqiao University

  It is to let everyone adapt as soon as possible, that is, we first do it to show everyone how we do it, and then the new students may understand our behavior, and then they will follow us.

In this situation, we have to do not only for our own personal safety, but also for the personal safety of others around us.

  [Explanation] It is understood that in 2020, Huaqiao University will admit 7381 full-time undergraduates, 476 preparatory students and 1714 full-time graduate students.

Among them, the number of foreign students admitted was 2,459, a record high.

  Reporter Kening Wu Guanbiao reports from Quanzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]