China News Service, September 22. In recent years, the scale of graduate students has gradually expanded, and the number of enrollment will be increased by 189,000 in 2020.

At a press conference held by the Ministry of Education on the 22nd, in response to the question of how to ensure the quality of graduate students' gradual expansion, Hong Dayong, Director of the Degree Management and Graduate Education Department of the Ministry of Education, said that four aspects of work will be improved through software and supervision in place. , To ensure that the direction of quality-based enrollment remains unchanged and the quality does not decline.

Ministry of Education.

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  Hong Dayong said that this year's enrollment for master's degree students has expanded to one million, and so far, almost 100% of the tasks have been completed.

  "This is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council in reviewing the situation. On the one hand, we currently have only 2 registered graduate students in 1,000 people, about 9 in the United States, and about 5 to 7 in Germany and South Korea. From this point of view, we There is still a gap between the scale of graduate students in the country and the country’s demand for high-level talents. On the other hand, the expansion of enrollment will inevitably bring challenges to the improvement of training quality. We are working together with relevant ministries and commissions to ensure that the direction of quality-based enrollment remains unchanged , The quality does not decrease." Hong Dayong said.

  Hong Dayong said that in this regard, there are mainly four aspects of work:

  First, ensure that the supply is accurate.

When formulating the plan for enrollment expansion this year, the emphasis is on key and urgently needed subjects, on professional degrees, and on training units in the central and western regions.

In the next step, we will combine this year's degree authorization work and continue to increase authorization points to the central and western regions, to professional degrees, and to key disciplines under the conditions of ensuring quality, so as to provide sufficient guarantee for the accuracy of supply.

  Second, the hardware must be matched.

In accordance with the instructions of the central leadership, the Ministry of Education will work with relevant ministries and commissions to seek support from multiple parties, actively raise resources, strengthen the construction of infrastructure such as classrooms, dormitories, canteens, and libraries, and create better learning and living conditions for graduate students.

  Third, the quality of software must be improved.

The software is mainly divided into two parts, one is the mentor team, and the other is the talent training model.

As for the tutor team, there are currently 460,000 graduate tutors nationwide. The supporting documents for the postgraduate education conference to be issued include corresponding policy arrangements for tutor job management and guidance behavior, as well as tutor training.

With good tutors, we can guide students well, and our postgraduate education will be of high quality.

One is the continuous innovation of teaching models.

We are about to release the "Graduate Core Curriculum Guide" to standardize postgraduate course design, teaching content and teaching methods, and improve the quality of teaching in this area.

At the same time, for academic degrees, we further promote the integration of science and education, encourage students to participate in research projects during their studies, and enhance research capabilities.

For professional degree graduate students, with the strong support of relevant ministries and commissions, the integration of production and education will be further deepened, and students' practical innovation ability will be improved.

  Fourth, supervision must be in place.

In terms of quality supervision, it is necessary to further improve the policy and system design, consolidate the main responsibility of training, strengthen the all-round and whole-process quality control, strengthen the construction of the style of study, and ensure that the quality of graduate education is continuously expanded while the quality does not decline, and continues to improve .

  Hong Dayong pointed out that, in short, in order to ensure the improvement of quality in the case of scale expansion, we must provide accurate postgraduate education, hardware matching, software quality improvement, and supervision in place.