It was in the spring that Kommunal decided to make a so-called 6: 6a report.

This can be done if you see risks in the work environment.

It was first sent to Åre municipality, which is responsible for both workplaces and its staff.

But since no special improvements were made, Kommunal went on to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority reacted and earlier this summer came several clear demands.

Among other things, the Swedish Work Environment Authority points out that there should be running cold and hot water.

And a bajamaja is not enough considering that the recycling centers are permanent workplaces where staff also have long working days.

New barrack in Brattåsen

Following the Swedish Work Environment Authority's report, a number of improvements were also made.

Pretty soon, Brattåsen got a changing room, coffee room and toilet and shower with running cold and hot water.

In Staa, on the other hand, the municipality has made another solution.

There, they have chosen to rent part of a nearby property owned by a private player.

There are changing rooms and toilets and showers for staff to use.

- It feels like going down to another property to wash your hands, for example.

But we will see what the Swedish Work Environment Authority says about it, says Jimmy Engman who works there.

On 2 October, the Swedish Work Environment Authority will return for re-inspection.

Do not know why it has been going on for so long

The labor market unit and the technical department have shared responsibility for the recycling centers and their staff.

- It is only to be regretted that it has been like this, but now a number of improvements have taken place, says Erik Forsberg who is unit manager at the labor market unit.

At the same time, it is only now, following demands from the Swedish Work Environment Authority, that Åre municipality has implemented improvements.

In the video above, Erik Forsberg gets to answer the question of why no measures have been taken before.