During Tuesday's press conference on the corona situation in Sweden, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell stated that it may become relevant with local corona restrictions in Stockholm after the downward trend in infection rates has been broken.

Home insulation is discussed

Björn Eriksson states in tonight's Aktuellt that the region is now in discussions with the Swedish Public Health Agency about what kind of restrictions may be introduced.

- What is being discussed, among other things, is home insulation of household contacts, says Björn Eriksson in Tuesday's broadcast of Aktuellt.

When this could possibly be introduced, he does not go into - but he emphasizes that it could happen quickly.

- It depends on how the spread of infection develops.

But if we decide on it, then it can go pretty fast.

Worried about second wave

Last week, 1.3 percent of those tested were positive.

Last week, that figure was 2.2.

The director of health, Björn Eriksson, emphasizes that the levels are low but that the spread of infection is now increasing.

- It applies to all ages and spread all over Stockholm, there are no clusters what we can see, says Eriksson and emphasizes that it is still important to be on the alert.

- I myself am worried about a second wave - now it is important that we take in even more, so we avoid restrictions, he says.