Life stuck in circles

  Analysis of Zhang Lingping, Former Deputy Director of the Agricultural and Rural Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial People's Congress

  Zhang Lingping, born in July 1962, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1985, former deputy director of the Agricultural and Rural Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial People's Congress, former member of the Standing Committee of the Jinchang Municipal Party Committee, organization minister, deputy secretary of the Jinchang Municipal Party Committee, mayor, and secretary of the Jinchang Municipal Party Committee , Secretary of Dingxi Municipal Party Committee and other posts.

In July 2019, due to suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law, he was investigated and investigated by the Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and was taken lien.

In January 2020, he was expelled from the party and public office, and his suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorial organ for review and prosecution according to law.

  On August 26 this year, the Lanzhou Railway Transportation Intermediate Court held a public trial in the first instance of Zhang Lingping's case of accepting bribes and abusing his power.

At the court hearing, Zhang Lingping said: "I pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty. It is a tragedy in my life to this day. I hope that in the rest of my life, I can meet my mother and be filial for several years..."

  "The outstanding feature of Zhang Lingping's case is that around Zhang Lingping's'circle center', circles are formed, such as family circle, business circle, hobby circle, fellow circle, etc. On the surface, these circles are normal human relationships. Interpersonal communication, but in essence, it is a deformed circle that does not distinguish between public and private, uses power for personal gain, and trades power and money." The censors and investigators told reporters that it was these circles that made Zhang Lingping from a party member leading cadre into a corrupt element.

  How are these circles formed?

What kind of collusion of interest is hidden behind the circle?

What kind of warning does the lessons of the people in the circle bring us?

Family circle: a family of three and four siblings staged "family corruption"

  In 2015, a property of 123.4 square meters in Chaoyang District, Beijing went through the transfer procedures, and the transferees were nephews and nephews.

The aunt not only presented real estate to his nephew, but also presented an Audi car with a parking space of 230,000 yuan.

This generous aunt and lucky nephew are Zhang Lingping's third sister and Zhang Lingping's son.

  On the surface, a big family is intimate and blessed, and it is an enviable "family rich".

As everyone knows, only after revealing the true face of Lushan did he realize that it was "family corruption."

  "Zhang Lingping is like a'fortune tree'. Relying on this big tree, the husband sings and the women follow, the father is greedy and the son is occupied, and the brothers and sisters are all involved. In the end, a family of three and four brothers and sisters were all involved in the case." The investigator told reporters that Zhang Lingping belonged to the family. The eldest is the most promising one. He takes care of his wife and children and three younger sisters, and his wife and children and sisters respect him very much.

"He feels that he is responsible and obligated to take good care of the family. As long as his family members ask for them, he agrees to them. As long as they can bring benefits to the family members, he will do them. The family members use his power and authority. For profit, he first acquiesced, then indulged, and in the end he even relied on his family to collect money and take care of things."

  Zhang Lingping's third sister is actually their housekeeper.

From 2011 to 2015, Zhang Lingping and his wife repeatedly handed over tens of millions of dollars in cash, diamonds, gold, and a large number of calligraphy and paintings obtained from violations of discipline and law to Zhang Lingping's third sister for safekeeping.

  Not only that, his third sister also collected money for Zhang Lingping.

She was entrusted by others, and when she informed Zhang Lingping, she received several million yuan in property from others.

  "It now appears that they have used each other's affection in the wrong place, and their affection has been desecrated, which has become the glue for their mutual corruption." The investigator said.

  Normal family affection is warm, but misplaced family affection is sad.

Zhang Lingping believed that "family affection is supreme", so some people hunted this kind of "family affection", and some people tried to cling to this kind of "family affection". Family affection became the breakthrough point for him to be hunted.

  In December 2013, Zhang Lingping's father fell ill and was hospitalized. There was a diligent man who served tea, delivered meals, and chatted with the bed every day without interruption.

This person is a classmate of Zhang Lingping's sister, because he knows that Zhang Lingping is very filial and respects family affection, so he can use Zhang Lingping's father to be hospitalized to get close to Zhang Lingping.

  His move really succeeded.

  "He stayed there for the night, which is a bit touched to me. I said this young man is still relatively'loyal'. So he proposed that he wanted to engage in projects, and I was not vague." Zhang Lingping said.

  In order to get home "filial piety", the boss finished serving Zhang Lingping's father and then went to serve Zhang Lingping's mother.

For a while, upstairs and downstairs, carrying Zhang Lingping's mother in the sun every day.

This special hunting method caught the weakness and hit the key, Zhang Lingping was quickly defeated.

As a result, the boss easily got the government-led project.

  After opening the door by hunting family affection, the boss sent Zhang Lingping a lot of benefits, giving Zhang Lingping millions of dollars before and after.

Under this double hunting, he also received Zhang Lingping's "care" in the areas of land transfer approval in Jinchang and Dingxi, and coordination of supply and marketing.

Business circles: calling brothers and sisters only for personal gain

  Like many serious offenders, Zhang Lingping was also closely surrounded by businessmen.

He has been in close contact with these unscrupulous businessmen for many years and has a deep relationship. He even regards them as his own brothers. For the so-called brotherhood, he will not hesitate to sell national interests and satisfy personal interests.

  The businessman Zhang Moumou was one of Zhang Lingping's businessman brothers.

  "Actually, his brother is my old subordinate, he is usually called Big Brother Big Brother, I became the mayor of Jinchang City, and I called him even closer." Zhang Lingping said.

  Of course, the older brother can't do it for nothing, and the younger brother will not do it for nothing.

  Zhang Lingping provided help to this younger brother in obtaining government subsidies and investment for related projects.

In order to repay Zhang Lingping, the younger brother not only gave him money and goods many times, but also asked him to invest in his new company in the name of his family.

But this new company soon went bankrupt. Zhang not only returned the shares, but also gave Zhang Lingping 1 million yuan in the name of investment compensation.

  Zhang Lingping's other "capable" little brother, Huang, is the businessman with the longest contact time and the most money received.

  "When I come to pay a New Year's greetings in one year, I will give you 1 million. In this way, for 10 years, more than 10 million yuan in cash, including some valuables, add up to twelve or three million. This is the largest one. "Zhang Lingping said in repentance, "I always think this person is quite capable. This is also one of the main reasons that attracts me, so there are no boundaries in the process of dealing with."

  On the surface of brotherhood, secretly trade in interests.

With the benefit of covering up, Zhang Lingping never considered or investigated what his brother was doing.

According to the investigation, Huang has been filed and investigated by the public security organ for suspected illegal business operations, embezzlement, and fraud.

  "Zhang Lingping turned social relationships into family relationships and family relationships with interests, which confuses the line between public and private. Using public for private is detrimental to public and private. On the surface, family affection is paramount, but in essence, personal interest is paramount," the investigator said.

Hobby circle: changed hobbies

  "Secretary of calligraphy and painting" is what the masses call Zhang Lingping.

The reason for this lies in his "preference" for calligraphy and painting.

However, it is so elegant and good, after being contaminated with power and interests, it has changed its taste. In order to squeeze into Zhang Lingping's circle, some people with ulterior motives have chosen what they like and regard each calligraphy and painting as a "stepping stone."

  After investigation, Zhang Lingping received a total of more than 40 precious paintings and calligraphy from party members, cadres, business owners, etc., some of which were tens of thousands of yuan, and some of which were as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan.

  "Zhang Lingping's other goodies are collecting stones and literary games. This also became a breakthrough point for him to be hunted." The investigators said that not only that, even normal sports were regarded by Zhang Lingping as a trader for power and money. the way.

  Zhang Lingping loves to play table tennis, which is a hobby he has insisted on for many years.

But over time, this healthy movement changed its flavor and became a different circle of him.

  Zhang Lingping recalled: “In fact, they played just so well and played with them. They mainly used this hobby to approach me and build a good relationship. If there is anything to take care of him, it is better than looking for me in the office.”

  Zhang Lingping has a golfer and the two have played together for more than 20 years.

A boss he introduced gave Zhang Lingping several hundred thousand yuan in the arena to obtain relevant land use rights and develop real estate projects.

  "Some golfers took two shirts when they finished playing and put them on Zhang Lingping's car. Zhang Lingping saw that it was a shirt, but actually put 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan in cash in it." Investigators said that Zhang Lingping’s "ball circle" is divided into two types: inner circle and outer circle. Zhang Lingping and the inner circle are relatively close. Whenever he encounters problems, he will play and discuss with them; the outer circle is not so good. Trust, they can only help pick the ball from a distance, and can't get close when they are discussing things.

  "You said that if you don't have a hobby, you can't do it, but you must grasp the scale, especially if you can't bring it into the relationship. This is a lesson for me." Zhang Lingping reflected, looking back on his life trajectory, he is nothing to his parents. Filial piety, care for his sisters, and carelessness for friends, but it was these feelings that he had misused and the distorted circles that eventually pushed him into the abyss of corruption.

(Reporter Wang Zhen)

Quantitative analysis

  With the consent of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection conducted a preliminary review of the clues about Zhang Lingping's issues handed over by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and reported by the masses, and found that he was suspected of serious violations of discipline and law.

After the case was filed for review and investigation, Zhang Lingping had the following disciplinary violations and suspected crimes.

  Regarding violations of party discipline: Zhang Lingping violated political discipline, engaged in feudal superstition activities in order to protect officials, set up memorial tablets, and prayed for protection; unified calibre, transferred stolen goods, and deliberately opposed organizational review.

Violating the spirit of the eight central regulations, accepting banquets that affect the fair execution of official duties, etc.

Violation of organizational discipline, selecting and employing people to engage in relatives, taking care of the departed classmates; concealing the real estate; failing to truthfully explain the problem when organizing conversations and letters.

Violating integrity and discipline, accepting gifts and money that may affect the fair execution of official duties, etc.

Violating mass discipline and seriously harming the interests of the masses.

Violating work discipline, intervening and intervening in law enforcement and judicial activities, and supporting illegal vendors.

Violation of life discipline, bad family style, spoiling family members, conniving and tacitly allowing relatives to use their powers to make money, etc.

The aforementioned acts by Zhang Lingping also constituted illegal duties.

  In terms of suspected crimes: Zhang Lingping used the convenience of his position to provide assistance to others in business operations, project contracting, land approval, promotion of cadres, etc., accepting money and goods from others alone or through his family, suspected of taking bribes.

Criticism, threats, and suspension of funds were used to force relevant departments to transfer state-owned land use rights to private enterprises at a low price in violation of regulations, causing loss of state-owned assets and suspected of a crime of abuse of power.

  As a leading cadre of a party member, Zhang Lingping abandons ideals and beliefs, forgets his original mission, has no sense of purpose, repeatedly breaks rules, wants to be an official but also wants to make money, political and economic issues are intertwined, and six discipline items are violated, which constitutes His position is illegal and suspected of taking bribes and abusing his power, and he did not converge, close his hands, or do not know how to stop at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China or even after the 19th National Congress. The nature is bad and the circumstances are serious.

In accordance with the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China", "The Supervision Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant regulations, after the deliberations of the Standing Committee of the Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Executive Meeting of the Provincial Supervisory Committee and reported to the Gansu Provincial Party Committee for approval, it was decided to expel Zhang Lingping from the party and expel public office. Confiscated the proceeds of violation of discipline and law; transferred the suspected crime to the procuratorial organ for review and prosecution in accordance with the law, and the property involved was transferred with the case.

  Disciplinary basis:

  "The Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Measures"


  Article 27: Party organizations that discover, during disciplinary review, that party members have committed corruption and bribery, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, rent-seeking power, transfer of benefits, malpractices for personal gains, waste of state assets and other suspected criminal acts that violate the law, they shall be revoked from the party’s posts , Stay in the party for probation or expelled from the party.

  Article 29: If a party organization discovers that a party member has seriously violated discipline and is suspected of violating the law or crime during the disciplinary review, it shall, in principle, first make a decision on party disciplinary sanctions, and give administrative sanctions in accordance with regulations, before transferring them to relevant state agencies for handling in accordance with law.


  Article 56: If one of the following acts against organizational review is committed, a warning or a serious warning shall be given; if the circumstances are serious, sanctions of removal from the party position or party probation shall be given; if the circumstances are serious, sanctions of expulsion from the party shall be given:

  (1) Colluding confessions or forging, destroying, transferring or concealing evidence;


  (5) There are other acts against organizational review.


  Article 136: Party members and leading cadres who do not pay attention to family traditions and cause adverse effects or serious consequences to their spouses, children and their spouses who have lost control of their spouses or spouses shall be given a warning or severe warning; if the circumstances are serious, the party shall be revoked Sanctions for internal duties.


  "Supervision Law of the People's Republic of China"

  Article 45: Based on the results of supervision and investigation, the supervisory authority shall make the following actions according to law:


  (2) In accordance with legal procedures, make a warning, demerit, demerit demerit, demotion, dismissal, expulsion and other administrative sanctions for public officials who violate the law;


  (4) For suspected crimes committed on duty, if the supervisory agency finds that the criminal facts are clear and the evidence is reliable and sufficient, it shall prepare a prosecution opinion and transfer it to the People's Procuratorate for review and prosecution in accordance with the law, together with the case files and evidence;