Conflict continues East Mediterranean Turkey proposes to hold a conference Call for dialogue September 23, 7:42

As the conflict between Turkey and Greece continues over the exploration of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, Turkish President Erdogan proposed holding a conference in which the countries of the eastern Mediterranean region participated and called for a solution to the problem through dialogue. ..

In the eastern Mediterranean, as Turkey pursues exploration of gas fields in the waters around the island nation Cyprus, where both Turkey and Greece claim sovereignty, tensions increase due to contact between the warships of both countries, and the EU = European Union The conflict is deepening due to involvement.

Under these circumstances, Turkey's President Erdogan said in a video speech at the UN General Assembly on the 22nd, "I would like to propose holding a conference in the East Mediterranean region to consider the rights and national interests of each party," through dialogue. I called for a solution to the problem.

Meanwhile, President Erdogan argued that the background was the Cyprus dispute, which has been divided into north and south for more than 40 years, and that the conference should involve people from Northern Cyprus, which is only approved by Turkey.

On the other hand, there is no reaction from Greece so far, and it is unclear whether the conference can actually be held.