The possibility of taking out basic health insurance with a collective discount will come to an end.

Minister Tamara van Ark for Medical Care writes in her answers to parliamentary questions on Monday that she wants the change to be implemented on 1 January 2023.

Health insurers can now give groups, for example company employees, a maximum discount of 5 percent on their basic policy.

These policyholders receive a discount because the insurer would save certain costs in this way.

According to Van Ark, most health insurers cannot demonstrate that these agreements will lead to cost savings.

For the health care system to "work properly", it is important that steps are now taken towards the abolition of the collective discount, she writes.

"The group discount is not financed on the basis of savings on health care expenditure, but via a surcharge that the insurer charges on the premium", said the minister.

"The premium is first increased and then this increase is returned to some as if it were a discount."

Van Ark does not agree that the discount is subsequently paid by other persons who are insured with the same health insurer without a discount.

In addition, different discount percentages can be used at one insurer.

The minister expects that the law will be amended before the summer of 2022, so that the group discount will disappear in the following calendar year.

By adhering to this timeline, health insurers and employers, among others, have enough time to prepare for the abolition of the discount, according to the minister.