The Supreme Court (KKO) will decide on Tuesday whether the neo-Nazi organization Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL) will be banned altogether in Finland.

The Police Board (PoHa) has demanded that the organization be banned in violation of the Associations Act.

According to PoHan, PVL, which acted as an unregistered association, among other things, spreads hate speech against immigrants, sexual minorities and Jews, as well as questions the Holocaust, glorifies fascists and accepts violence perpetrated in the association’s activities.

PVL denies the winding-up claim and considers that it is acting within the limits of the law.

The District and Court of Appeal have previously upheld PoHa's application for annulment.

However, PVL received leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, so a final decision on the matter will only be reached now.

KKO will announce its decision on PVL at about 9 am.

IS immediately reported it fresh.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a precedent that aligns society’s attitudes toward organizations like PVL more broadly.

The KKO gives its solution in a situation where the violence suspected of being perpetrated by the far right is particularly topical.

The police are currently investigating the suspected attempted murder of Pekka Kataja, the election commander of Central Finland in Central Finland.

Teemu Torsso, a former basic Finn who worked for the Jyväskylä City Council and Government, and Tero Ala-Tuuho, a prominent far-right influence, are suspected of a serious violent crime.