Acting upon hearing orders, bravely shouldering heavy burdens (the first-line anti-epidemic heroes)

  "The people's army medical staff keep in mind the mission of our army, regard the epidemic as an order, and come when they are called, they can fight when they come, and they can win." On September 8, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, President Xi Jinping commended the nationwide fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic An important speech was delivered at the conference to affirm the medical staff of the People's Army.

  After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the entire army resolutely implemented the decisions and orders of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and Chairman Xi. They acted upon the orders and bravely shouldered heavy responsibilities. , Make outstanding contributions to the resistance war.

  In the prevention and control of the epidemic, the army supported more than 4,000 members of the Hubei Medical Team in white suits and went retrograde to save lives.

They come from the army, navy, air force, rocket force, joint logistics support force, strategic support force, and armed police force.

  From being stationed in Jinyintan Hospital, Hankou Hospital, and Wuchang Hospital, to stationing in Huoshenshan Hospital, Wuhan Taikang Tongji Hospital, Hubei Maternity and Child Health Hospital Guanggu District...the soldiers in white fight against time to treat patients, reflecting the people’s army’s ability to fulfill its mission and tasks. It shows the responsibilities of revolutionary soldiers in the new era and writes the loyalty of the people's soldiers to the party and the people.

  On the march, they made a promise: "If there is a battle, the call will come and the battle will win."

  In early February, a patient with new coronary pneumonia coughed violently at Vulcan Mountain Hospital. Huang Wenjie, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine from the Southern Theater General Hospital, skillfully took out a tissue and handed it to the patient.

Seeing the patient's worried expression, the doctor comforted him and said, "Don't worry, I am here for the virus!"

  They all came for the virus——

  This New Year’s Eve, medical staff from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Xijing Hospital of the Air Force Military Medical University pressed 29 red handprints on the invitation letter to the party committee of the hospital.

There was no hesitation, no one backed down. The bright red handprints showed their determination: "We actively ask for war: if there is a war, the call will come and the battle will win!"

  On New Year's Eve, it was a time for families to reunite.

450 military medical staff from the south and the north of the country gave up their vacation arrangements and rushed to help Wuhan. They were stationed in local hospitals where there are many cases of infected patients, the pressure of medical staff is high, and the medical force urgently needs to be strengthened.

  "The People's Liberation Army is here!" The Army Military Medical University medical team received 83 confirmed patients within 48 hours of stationing in Jinyintan Hospital; the Naval Military Medical University medical team immediately took over the intensive care unit of Wuhan Hankou Hospital; the Air Force Military Medical University medical team stationed in Wuchang Hospital to take the lead Viral nucleic acid detection...

  On February 17, Li Dan, a member of the military supporting Hubei medical team, went to the Infection Control Division of the Guanggu District of Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital as the director.

At that time, it was still a hospital under construction with incomplete infrastructure.

After more than 50 hours of preparation, the hospital is equipped to receive the first batch of patients.

Li Dan, who has been in the army for 27 years, has long been responsible for disease prevention and control of a rocket army base hospital.

Now fighting in a new position, still dealing with infection control.

Li Dan said: "Strictness is a commitment to life. Our responsibility is to set up a'healthy door' to block the virus!"

  No one is born to be brave, but to choose to be fearless.

In the relevant news comment area, netizens praised one after another: "The three words'Liberation Army' mean to the Chinese people absolutely reliable, absolutely credible, and absolutely able to win!"

  Soldiers and doctors, they rush forward without hesitation

  At midnight, in the first department and one ward of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, expert Li Qi still stayed at work.

Wearing thick protective clothing to the "red zone" rounds, regular department meetings, attending consultations with critically ill patients... All day long, 55-year-old Li Qi, suffering from severe respiratory and sleep disorders, was a little overwhelmed, and his blood pressure soared to 180.

  During the expedition, he put a portable ventilator in his suitcase.

"Don't worry, I have already returned to the hotel, and I just need to sleep." His wife called and told him to take a rest, and he replied.

  As desperately as Li Qi, there is also Mao Qing, an infectious disease expert who is 1 year older than him.

The hospital should expand the capacity and establish a new comprehensive department. As the deputy leader of the hospital's expert group and the sensory control group, he took the initiative to ask Ying to become the head of the department; the patient received paralysis of the lower limbs could not get into the ambulance, and he ignored the pain of the hip joint. The first one rushed to lift the patient down...

  From the moment when fearlessly holding on to the battle position, the white-clothed soldiers continued to create "child soldiers' miracles."

"Soldiers, doctors, any identity determines that we must rush forward without hesitation!" Mao Qing's words express the military's support for everyone in the Hubei medical team.

  They are soldiers in military uniforms, and they are ordinary people when they take off military uniforms and white coats.

  After a shift, Guo Wei, a nurse at Huoshenshan Hospital, took off the goggles and mask. The indentations on his forehead and cheeks were clearly visible and lasted for a long time, and the surrounding skin had become allergic and swollen.

  Every time you wear a mask, the pain in the affected area will increase.

Seeing the photos taken by his comrades-in-arms, Guo Wei, who loves beauty, cried: "I don't know I have become that way." The netizen comforted: How deep the mark on his face is, and how deep his love for the people is.

  They are the most beautiful angels and true heroes.

In this race against time, the army supported the white-clothed soldiers of the Hubei Medical Team to stay at the forefront and become the people who can entrust their lives.

  Live up to the trust of the masses, they "fight side by side" with patients

  "Thank you for fighting side by side with us!" This is a letter of thanks from Sun Shuangtao, a doctor from the Naval Military Medical University, to the patient.

  For this letter, Sun Shuangtao has his own consideration.

He said: "In your eyes, I am a doctor and you are a patient; in my heart, we are comrades in the same trench, and the new crown virus is our common enemy!"

  The army loves the people, the people support the army, and the affection and warmth flow between the white soldiers and the patients.

  While supporting Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, an elderly patient asked the nurse Liu Li: "Are you the People's Liberation Army?" Under the three-level protection, Liu Li could not speak, and could only nod her head with an "OK" gesture. .

  The patient stretched his brows and breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing such a scene, Liu Li had a sore nose, and she realized that she must not disappoint their trust.

  During the epidemic, a video of a sign language teacher communicating with the deaf-mute elderly Zheng Chunxiang about his illness became popular on the Internet.

Zheng Chunxiang was sent to the Huoshenshan Hospital for treatment. At the beginning of her admission, because she could not communicate with the doctor about her condition, and did not understand her condition, she was always worried.

  Later, Vulcan Mountain Hospital found Zhao Hongwei, a nurse who was proficient in sign language, in Wuhan First Hospital.

Through sign language interpretation, medical staff learned about the old medical history and symptoms, and formulated detailed diagnosis and treatment plans.

"Later, I arranged for Nurse Zhao and Grandma Zheng to video once a day." said Lu Gangfeng, director of the fourth department and one ward of the Vulcan Mountain Hospital.

  In the most difficult moment, the People's Army Doctor was with the people of Wuhan.

The soldiers in white clothes protect lives with their lives and build a great steel wall to prevent and control the epidemic.

  In April, the army supported the Hubei medical team quietly evacuated from Wuhan.

Before the evacuation, the team members carefully carried out material inventory, data filing, hospital handover, etc., leaving behind a spotless hospital and a neat queue of medical equipment...

Our reporter Li Longyi