A total of more than 200,000 deaths in the United States New coronavirus September 23, 5:07

In the United States, the number of people who died from infection with the new coronavirus exceeded 200,000 on the 22nd.

Prior to the presidential election in November, the opposition / Democratic Party candidate Biden responded to the infection by strongly accusing President Trump of not taking effective measures against the infection, which caused the situation to worsen. It is at issue.

According to a summary by Johns Hopkins University, the cumulative number of people who died from the new coronavirus reported from the United States exceeded 200,000 on the 22nd.

Although the number of infected people per day decreased in August, it started to increase again from mid-September due to the increase in infected people in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Southern Texas in the Midwest. And it's still a serious situation.

The University of Washington Institute says that if this situation continues, the death toll could reach 378,000 by January 1, next year.

Opposition and Democratic Party criticized the Trump administration's response, saying that the government entrusted measures to each state and did not take the initiative in taking effective measures against infection, which made the situation worse. I am strengthening.

Democratic candidate Biden accused President Biden of not only underestimating the threat of the virus, but also having no plans or capabilities to control the infection.

On the other hand, President Trump responded to these criticisms by saying, "There was no mistake in the response and many lives were saved." I am.

U.S. government response criticized by medical experts

Medical experts have also criticized the Trump administration's infection control measures.

In the United States, the CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distributed test kits to each state from January to February, but it was rapidly found that the test results were inaccurate and the spread of infection could not be detected early. It is said to be one of the causes of the spread of infection.

However, President Trump has been criticized for ignoring the warnings of experts calling for danger and countermeasures, repeatedly saying, "The virus will disappear like a miracle."

In addition, even after the infection has spread and each state has restricted outings and economic activities, it hastened the resumption of economic activities and face-to-face classes at schools, while making it mandatory to wear masks and gathering indoors. I have not shown a clear policy on the restrictions of.

Under these circumstances, outbreaks are occurring one after another in high schools and universities that resumed face-to-face classes from August to September, and participants in the August event of motorcycle enthusiasts in Midwestern South Dakota. Outbreaks have occurred since then, and the spread of infections across states has also occurred.

Also, at a political rally of President Trump held in western Nevada, it was reported that about 5,000 people gathered indoors and many of them did not wear masks, in violation of state guidelines. The Governor blamed the presidential camp for failing to comply with infection control.

Regarding the administration's infection control, Amesh Adalja, senior researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said, "President Trump has underestimated the effects of the new coronavirus and has not shown science-based infection control. Lack of leadership has made the United States this. I was forced into such a state. "

On the other hand, many supporters of President Trump have criticized that the measures against the new coronavirus in some states are excessive, and oppose the mandatory wearing of masks and restrictions on economic activities, and are infected. Measures have also led to political conflict.

Memorial rally in Washington

In Washington, the capital of the United States, an event was held in memory of 200,000 people who died from the infection with the new coronavirus, and Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, the opposition Democratic Party, blamed the Trump administration's response.

The event was held on the 22nd at the behest of an American civil society, and on the lawn of a square called "Mall" in central Washington, 20,000 small Americans, one tenth of the death toll of the new coronavirus The national flag was erected.

"These American flags symbolize the suffering of a large number of dead and bereaved families. If science had been followed, this would have been avoided," said Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who participated. He blamed the Trump administration for disrespecting the opinions of scientists.

"The infection isn't over yet. President Trump behaves as if it's over, but we need serious government action," said the woman who participated.

The organizer explained, "The Trump administration did not hold a memorial service and pretended to be a serious situation, so we held this event."