Lorient novelist Irène Frain.


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What made you decide to treat the drama experienced by your sister Denise as a book? 

Irene Frain: 

Since the fatal assault of which she was the victim at her home on September 8, 2018, a heavy silence has settled on the part of all parties: the police, the justice system and the family.

Lots of unspoken words that first took me aback before finally revolting me.

Several publishers have approached me.

Having learned of the drama, they wanted to see me write this book, but at first I didn't.

For fear, perhaps, of hindering the investigation.

Also to avoid any misunderstanding: I am not the victim.

It was my sister who was the victim by being easy and fragile prey, the victim of an abominable crime passed in silence.

An investigating judge was eventually appointed at the beginning of 2020 and I immediately became a civil party.

However, to date, neither I nor my lawyer have had access to the file.

It was when I went to the scene of the tragedy that I ended up opening my eyes.

Faced with the intolerable and faced with this silence, I had to play my role and write.

Is this a way of paying homage to him? 

It is an essential engine.

This matter should be treated with respect and not with contempt.

We also have to be able to put into words what she went through, to recognize that it was not just a simple burglary gone wrong, as has been said.

Because she died several weeks after the incident, it was not initially considered a homicide or even a case of assault and battery leading to death.

For the coroner, she had a nervous breakdown and died.

This is unacceptable.


Find the full interview in the Bretons magazine n ° 167 of August / September 2020

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