People's Power Rep. Park Deok-heum is under suspicion that he used his position as a member of the National Assembly's National Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee to win a large order for construction.

Rep. Park held a press conference for clarification yesterday (the 21st), and the Democratic Party responded that it could not be convinced that it was a red flag.

Reporter Kim Soo-young reports.


Rep. Park Deok-heum, who volunteered to hold a press conference, denied all suspicions that construction companies whose families were major shareholders benefited from orders.

First of all, they argued that external pressure and preferential treatment were fundamentally impossible because the government-level construction ordered by the Seoul Metropolitan Government itself is conducted through open competitive electronic bidding.

[Representative Park Deok-heum/People's Power: Many people know better that the mayor of Seoul at the time, as mayor Park Won-soon of the Democratic Party, was not the mayor who would overlook illegality or order illegality for the ruling party (then Saenuri Party) lawmaker company. ]

Regarding the suspicion of driving hundreds of billions of won worth of work through the audited agency, he argued that sales decreased after he became a member of the National Assembly.

He explained that it was his belief that the National Assembly in his 20s opposed the so-called “three-out” bill to prevent corruption in the construction industry.

The Democratic Party refuted that Congressman Park's explanation was a red spot.

He said blaming the system and the mayor of Seoul is impudent because it is trying to bring the issue reasonably raised to a political issue, and he pointed out that opposition to the three-out bill for bidding corruption could have an impact on family companies.

As the controversy spread, the power of the people decided to form an emergency fact-finding special committee.