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A shocking incident occurred in which an Indian man cuts the belly of his wife, who is 4 months pregnant, to confirm the sex of the fetus.

On the 21st of the local time, foreign media such as the BBC reported that a 43-year-old man living in Uttar Pradesh, India, split his wife's stomach with a sickle to still give birth to a child in the stomach and put his wife in critical condition.

According to the media, married couples who already have five daughters often quarreled over the issue of having a son.

Men said they couldn't give birth to sons, and they didn't hesitate to do a handjob to his wife.

Her husband's abuse did not end even after the wife was pregnant with her sixth.

He urged a priest to have an abortion because he was told "My wife will have another daughter."

The wife firmly refused to give birth to a child, and the husband committed the same crime, saying that he would personally check the sex of the fetus.

At the time of the accident, the uterus was not injured and the fetus was alive, but the wife fell into a critical condition due to excessive bleeding and severe organ damage, and the child was still born. The gender of the fetus was the boy men wanted so much.

Afterwards, a man arrested by the police said, "I didn't intentionally try to hurt my wife. I threw a sickle, but I didn't know I was going to get hurt so badly. Insisted. Currently, the man is being prosecuted for attempted murder.

In India, where there is still a strong preference for boys, many girls are killed or missing. According to a report released by the Indian government in 2018, 460,000 girls died each year after gender verification, abortions or neglect of their guardians after birth.

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