the UN General Assembly, which was held as an


video, the leaders of the US and China clashed from day one over the Corona 19 incident.

President Trump devoted more than half of his speeches to attacking China, followed by President Xi Jinping to refute.

This is Kim Jong-won's correspondent from New York.


75 primary UN General Assembly meeting for the first time that all 19 Corona situation progresses to the image, in the image spiral Trump President's speech began to speak in the attack on China.

[Trump/US President: We are in a fierce battle against an invisible enemy.

It is the “Chinese virus.”] The

Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, who heard this, expressed an uncomfortable feeling when the United Nations strongly criticized China for holding China accountable.

[Trump/US President: The Chinese government and the WHO, which is virtually controlled by China, have falsely declared that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

The UN should hold China accountable.]

President Trump devoted more than half of his seven-minute speech to criticize China.

A video speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping after a while.

Ambassador Jang Jun, who introduces President Xi prior to his speech, assists in refuting Trump's speech.

[Jun Jun/Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations: We must build cooperation and trust between countries.

Don't spread the'political virus'.

We adamantly reject any unfounded accusations of responsibility to China.]

President Xi did not directly mention the United States, but received Trump's speech saying he did not intend to engage in a Cold War or an all-out war.

[Chi Jinping/President of China: The world must cooperate with the WHO as the center to overcome the corona 19 crisis.

Political offensive or criticism (using the corona) must be rejected.] With

the agenda of the UN General Assembly, for the world to join forces to overcome Corona 19, the superpowers of the United States and China faced each other from their speech on the first day.