Smoke from wildfires off the west coast of the United States will arrive in Finland late Monday afternoon, Meteorological Institute researcher Antti Lipponen says on Twitter.

Lipponen has published a picture of an atmospheric particle prediction produced by the US space agency NASA, which shows very thick smoke on Finland at 6 p.m.

- If the forecast materializes, the smoke will be very clearly visible and it will color the sunset very red or orange, Lipponen writes.

- If the forecast materializes, the cloud of smoke will be comparable to the thick smoke from the 2010 wildfires in Russia.

A more colorful sunset will appear if the cloud curtain does not obscure the sun.

- In the evening, it is cloudy in Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Eastern Lapland, elsewhere the sun can appear in the evening, says Helena Laakso, the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

On the west coast of the United States, wildfires have caused extensive damage, particularly in Washington, Oregon, and California.

In addition to destroying homes, dozens have died.

The states issued warnings last week about poor air quality.

In the past, the European Union's climate change service Copernicus has detected smoke from wildfires in northern Europe.

The fires are the largest that has been observed in the follow-up of Copernicus in 18 years.

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