The rumor mill around Patrick Laine of Winnipeg Jets is accelerating in Canada.

TSN wonders on its website whether the New York Islanders would be willing to pursue an effective attacker in their ranks.

The speculation began when Islander-following journalist Andrew Gross wrote in Newsday that the team would need a goal-scoring striker to develop a group superiority game.

Among the options to be considered, Gross listed Kyle Palmier of Laine and the New Jersey Devils.

Winnipeg is seeking reinforcement for his defensive head, and the Islanders could, according to Gross, give up some of their defenders against the goal cannon.

Laine has been closely involved in the rumors of a transfer for the coming season.

TSN previously ranked him fifth on its traditional hottest transfer destination list.

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Next season is the latter of Laine’s two-year bridge deal with the Jets.

The next contract is expected to be long and costly.

If Winnipeg doesn’t think it can reach a long extension agreement with Laine, this may well be a deal.

In the fourth NHL season of his career, Laine struck 63 power points in the regular season left in the regular season.