For star chef Niclas Ekstedt, the slightly different ingredients have long had an obvious place on the plates at his restaurant.

- Sugar tongs are super exciting.

It is a fantastic raw material that I use very often.

It can be used for many different things, he says in SVT's Aktuellt.

- You can use it for everything, we usually have it as a little wow experience for the guest.

Maybe fried and a little crunchy with a little more vegetables to enhance the taste.

It is a very grateful raw material indeed.  

The sugar tongs are already available to buy at home in some grocery stores in Sweden.

The Swedish signal cucumber also receives a positive rating. 

- We have already served it for quite some time, for five, ten years.

We usually grill it, it is very much appreciated.

But this is niche stuff, I have to add that, says Niklas Ekstedt.

"Sensational raw materials"

It is usually the first time that guests taste the dishes, and that the experience is new to them, according to Niklas.

- These are sensational ingredients, he says.

Will they be able to enter the market and become basic goods? 

- No I do not think so.

I do not think this is the food of the future.

We have so many amazing vegetables, talented growers, and other things that are already filling.

But I think it's exciting and that it should be there.

But I do not think we will live on it in the future, says Niklas Ekstedt.