• Courts The judge of the 'Punic case' cites the PP senator David Erguido to testify as the accused

The PP senator David Erguido has resigned his seat in the Senate after learning that he has been summoned on October 23 by the judge of the National High Court who instructs the 'Punic' macrocause, as party sources have informed Europa Press, who have stressed that he himself has taken the step of leaving his record voluntarily.

Specifically, the judge of the National Court that is instructing this case has cited him as an investigated in the framework of separate piece number 7 relating to contracts of different Madrid city councils with the company 'Waiter Music'.

The summons comes after the Popular Party confirmed last week that David Erguido would voluntarily come to testify "despite not being obliged to do so" for being certified before the Supreme Court.

When that summons was known on the 23rd, "popular" sources had already emphasized that Erguido wanted to make a voluntary statement, despite the fact that being measured, he was assisted by the possibility of initiating a petition procedure before the Cortes Generales.

"The senator is not going to put on the coat of arms. He does not want a derision for the party," party sources had assured Europa Press this Monday, adding that Erguido is "wanting to clarify everything" before the National Court as soon as possible because "it has nothing to hide."

However, shortly after the PP has confirmed the resignation of its seat in the Upper House.

"David Erguido Cano, senator for the Autonomous Community of Madrid, hereby renounces his status as senator with effect from the day of the date", it reads verbatim in the letter that has been registered this Monday and to which he has had access Europa Press.

Although the Statutes of the PP do not oblige him to leave his parliamentary act at this time - the general rule is when an oral trial is opened -, Erguido has voluntarily decided to take that step and resign his seat in the Senate, according to the sources consulted .

In the last two weeks, as a result of another case that affects the PP, the so-called 'Kitchen operation' relating to the alleged espionage of the former party treasurer Luis Bárcenas, Pablo Casado has recalled his promises of "exemplary" and "zero tolerance" against the corruption with which it was presented two years ago to the party's Congress.

"Pedro Sánchez is not going to give me a lesson in honor because he has three ministers of the ERE in his government and I, however, I have not a single investigated and not a single accused, not only on the lists elections, but not in the PP team, "he proclaimed this Monday in an interview on Telecinco.

Erect was not part of the electoral lists but was elected senator by autonomous designation.

He has had a good relationship with Pablo Casado for many years, since they both coincided as regional deputies in Madrid when Esperanza Aguirre was regional president.

Likewise, Erguido has been a councilor for the Madrid city council of Algete (2007-2011) and later a councilor for the Madrid City Council (2011-2015).

Currently, in the Senate he was deputy spokesperson of the Popular Group, he held the Second Vice-Presidency of the Foreign Affairs Committee and was a member of three other committees in the Upper House.

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