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  • A real sea serpent, the issue of the doubling of the Nantes-Pornic axis is back on the front of the stage.

  • Many residents have long been waiting for the passage to 2x2 lanes of this road, an expensive operation put under debate from Monday.

Anyone from Nantes who has already taken his car for a beach day in Pornic knows what he is exposed to: traffic jams, traffic jams, and more traffic jams.

A bad moment to pass which has become the daily life of residents and regulars of the RD 751. “The flow is impressive and continues to increase, notes one inhabitant.

Before, it was only summer but now it's all the time.

We have reached the point of postponing trips… ”

This 40 km long road will be at the heart of the debates from Monday.

Very accident-prone and congested, the axis which connects Nantes to Pornic will be the subject of a public consultation until November 3, with the aim of its passage to 2x2 lanes.

Work requested from the department by many residents who are starting to get impatient.

Worried to see clashes and accidents, sometimes fatal, multiply, they are at the same time tired of noting that this complex and expensive file (118 million euros

at least

) is slow to materialize.

"Positive" for the territory

Magali Thomas even says she is “disgusted”.

“The consultation pushes back the project again and again, regrets the president of the Nantes-Pornic association, on the way to hope.

We will participate but to say that we must accelerate.

The faster we go, the fewer deaths there will be.

And we will not give up on any section!

“Last week, the departmental council explained that the debate will focus on four sections, not yet widened (13 km are already).

Layouts, uses… even the hypothesis of ultimately not performing this doubling will be studied.

Map of the portions concerned by the Nantes-Pornic - Loire-Atlantique Departmental Council

For the mayor of Port-Saint-Père, this is not an option.

While some fear that this work will pave the way for even more road traffic, Gaetan Léauté believes that there is an economic stake.

"It can only be positive for our territory, and it must drain the whole of Pays-de-Retz," believes the one who sees more and more families settling in his town to work in the Nantes area.

I will be very vigilant on the subject of nuisances: you do not have to drive at 110 all along a 2x2 lane, especially around the towns.


No to "all cars"

In addition to this subject, the consultation will have to address the themes of soft travel, city access, or land holdings, a sensitive subject especially among farmers in the sector, who however also suffer from traffic difficulties.

Above all, it is the environmental issue that threatens to seize the debate.

"We will have in mind our goal of artificializing as little as possible," has already announced Philippe Grosvalet, president of the Loire-Atlantique departmental council.

On the tracks, we will try to stay as close as possible to the existing one.


Arguments that do not reassure environmentalists.

“There is a need to secure this axis but we reject the all-car hypothesis, explains Judith Leray, spokesperson for EELV 44. We must work with the region on more efficient public transport, on more operational cycle links. , by preserving these so precious lands today.

»Depending on the content of the discussions and the choices made by the departmental council in February 2021, can the 2030 deadline be met?

"I am not at all confident", answers Magali Thomas.


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Participate in public consultation

In addition to the website, five public meetings will be organized: this Monday evening in Pornic, Tuesday in Bouaye, the 29th in Port-Saint-Père, the 30th in Chaumes-en-Retz and November 3 in Pornic.

It is also possible to participate in workshops.

On registration.

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