Paris (AFP)

The number two of LREM Pierre Person announced Monday to resign from his functions, accusing the presidential party of no longer "producing new ideas", and calling on members of the management to do the same to create "an electric shock".

“Today, to breathe new life into the party, I am choosing to resign from my post at LRM management, leaving my post of deputy general delegate and no longer sitting on the executive board. activists and obviously remains a member of the parliamentary group, "he announced in an interview with Le Monde.

The deputy for Paris wants "to create an electric shock", because according to him "cosmetic and dressing changes will not be enough to change LREM," remained in its logic of 2017, which was to carry the presidential project ".

He therefore invites "all those who want to build the successes of tomorrow to also leave their functions at the head of the party to write a new page".

Four years after the creation of the movement, Pierre Person judges that he "no longer produces new ideas. The work in this area is insufficient", he believes, referring to an organization "folded in on itself" and by warning about the risk of "disappearing" if it becomes "like the old political formations".

"If he wants to be part of the long term, to exist in the + common house + being created with our allies, he must better define what he represents. He must have his own raison d'être, without carrying only in + copy and paste + the message of the government ", insists Mr. Person.

Asked whether he questioned the management of the delegate general Stanislas Guerini, he noted that "a simple reorganization of the management is planned, Monday evening, during a meeting of the executive committee. This shows that the party no has not taken the measure of the situation ".

Should Stanislas Guerini leave his post?

"He has great human and managerial qualities and has spared no effort. The subject is not personal but political. At the moment when the President of the Republic asked everyone to reinvent themselves, I do not believe that LRM can free himself from it, "answers Pierre Person, who will support Emmanuel Macron during the 2022 presidential election.

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