The journey of Emma, ​​26, and Tuomas, 29, from Joensuu, will once again be followed in the twists and turns of marriage in the latest First Dating at the Altar episode.

The wedding has been celebrated, the wedding morning has been celebrated and now the next exciting stage is coming: the couples are moving under the same roof.

The couple from Joensuu decided that Emma would settle down with Tuomas.

Emma's first acquaintance with the apartment immediately takes a surprising turn when Tuomas introduces his fresh wife to his fresh wife.

- Oh, it was so big, my God, Emma glances as she looks at the terrarium.

- It's not even big, here's the bigger guy, Tuomas introduces.

- Hi, hi, I'm not touching them, Emma says right away.

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Photo: Johannes Niva

Emma looks at Tuomas' apartment and later sheds her feelings for the camera.

- I could live in the apartment for a floor plan, but I would like to make the interior new and more homely for myself.

Well maybe not completely, that was pretty meanly said.

But to look more like me, or us, Emma ponders.

In Tuomas' opinion, during the introduction phase, it is good that Emma's apartment is in the same city and quite close to her.

- Yes, it would change everyday life if Emma moved here.

I don't know how it would feel.

If you start to be anxious or want your own time, then all you have to do is go home, Tuomas thinks.

The couple starts living together by cooking a meal in Tuomas' kitchen.

- Am I a good cook?

Tuomas asks.

- Et.

I guess you're not a good cook, Emma laughs,

- Live dare, Tuomas softens.

- I'm not me either, Emma admits.

Photo: Johannes Niva

The couple settles on the couch to eat their feta salad.

At the end of the fork, Emma spins the tomatoes cut by Tuomas and throws her outspoken opinion about them.

- I'll chop the tomatoes next time, Emma says.

- What's wrong, Tuomas wonders.

- They have been broken up in the wrong direction, Emma says.

- Aha, good to know for the first time, Tuomas laughs.

Even a couple of visits to a store don't go without a mug.

The choice of noodles causes a small exchange of words between the couple.

- You take what you take, Emma finally says with her hands in a gust.

Tuomas, who carries shopping bags, grabs his wife by the hand, but immediately receives a mind-boggling comment.

- Why are you giving me your hand?

Can't I walk on my own, Emma shakes in amazement.

Photo: MTV3

The couple is especially weighed by Emma's work, which takes time to get to know the couple.

Both are already eagerly awaiting their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Emma's uncertainty raises her head again.

Emma looks closely at Tuomas' hand as the couple sits on the couch.

- I didn't think you had a ring in your hand anymore.

Had to make sure, Emma laughs.

Tuomas, on the other hand, reveals to the cameras that Emma has wondered why they have been thought to fit each other.

- Emma has said a couple of times that what a miracle we have been messed with when we have nothing in common, Tuomas tells the cameras.

- I see that we have been put together because we are direct and clear.

We'll be fine, Tuomas describes.

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