(Focus on the Strait Forum) Taiwan's "Dream Chaser" and Mainland Anti-epidemic Record: "We are a real family"

  China News Service, Xiamen, September 21st, title: Taiwan’s "Dream Chaser" Anti-epidemic in the Mainland: "We are a real family"

  Author Yan Xu

  Taiwanese youth Chen Junyu called himself a "dream chaser" who came to the mainland.

He first got a job in the mainland and then started his own business. He is currently engaged in the biotechnology and health industry.

  At the Twelfth Straits Forum held in Xiamen on the 20th, he took the stage to share not how to get a job and start a business, but the story of his team rushing 9,000 kilometers overseas to buy masks during the worst of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year.

The Twelfth Straits Forum Conference was held in Xiamen on the 20th. Chen Junyu took the stage to share the story of buying masks and donating to the mainland with his teammates at the worst of the mainland's new crown pneumonia epidemic this year.

Photo by Wang Dongming

  Taiwanese director Xie Huajing "landed" in 2017 and developed live broadcasts, web dramas, and training in Xiamen... During the Spring Festival this year, he learned that masks were in short supply across the mainland. He was visiting relatives in Taiwan and launched a donation and collection of love from the Taiwan youth group. Medical supplies to support the mainland compatriots in fighting the epidemic.

  “He contacted us one by one and asked if anyone would like to collect epidemic prevention materials with him. He ignited everyone’s enthusiasm and enthusiasm.” Chen Junyu recalled, “A group of Taiwan and mainland friends’ love money was quickly put in place, and everyone initiated it. , Organized the purchase of anti-epidemic materials for donation to the mainland."

  At that time, Ying Zhihong, a young Taiwanese traveling in Japan, took the lead and walked into shops on the streets of Japan to purchase, from Osaka to Nara, to Kyoto, and finally to Wuhan and Xiamen by international express.

Chen Junyu said that at the critical juncture when the mainland compatriots are facing difficulties, we Taiwanese youth will certainly not stand idly by, and must stand up so that we are truly a family.

Photo by Wang Dongming

  Four Taiwanese youths and two mainland partners quickly formed a "Straits Combination" procurement team that cooperated with the front and back.

On the tenth day of the Lunar New Year (February 3), Xie Huajing, Ying Zhihong who had just returned to Taiwan from Japan, and two other Taiwanese youths set off from Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport to purchase anti-epidemic supplies in Southeast Asia.

  “In Thailand, Vietnam and other countries, we have traveled to hundreds of pharmacies, markets, duty-free shops, and even shops in tourist blocks.” Chen Junyu said that the team purchased 32,000 masks, 3,500 bottles of disinfectant and 300 All the forehead guns were donated to the front line of the mainland anti-epidemic through various channels.

  After Taiwan has strictly controlled the export of masks, the small partners of this team contacted overseas Chinese in Japan and Southeast Asia for assistance.

  "During the procurement process, we felt the deep feelings of overseas Taiwanese businessmen, overseas Chinese, and foreign friends, and their deep feelings for the mainland. We were moved." Chen Junyu said, "The entire journey spanned more than ten days and traveled 9,000 kilometers. It's difficult, but not alone."

  To Chen Junyu's regret, Xie Huajing contracted flu and lung infections due to overwork; Ying Zhihong also contracted new coronary pneumonia.

  "Otherwise, it should be them who are standing here at this moment." There was applause at the forum meeting, and Chen Junyu said, "Don't worry, they have recovered after six months of treatment."

  "Why do you want to do such a thing?" "What is your purpose?" "Isn't it great to stay in Taiwan and spend the Spring Festival well?" After some media reported the story of Xie Huajing and his party buying and donating masks, they are getting While a lot of affirmations, it has also been questioned.

  "We in Taiwan often say'eat fruit and worship the tree.' We came to the mainland to work and start a business, and we received a lot of policy support, many opportunities and resources, so that we can settle down here with peace of mind and create a new world in our career." Chen Junyu Said, "So, at a critical juncture when the mainland compatriots are facing difficulties, we Taiwanese youth will certainly not stand by and stand up, so that we are truly a family."

  This unusual experience deeply touched Chen Junyu, "(Both sides of the Strait) have the same text, the same root and the same species. They are a family whose blood is thicker than water, and they are also inseparable relatives."

  Over the past few months, seeing the mainland's efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, he believes that all difficulties will pass quickly. "The compatriots on both sides of the strait whose blood is thicker than water will work hard together and will definitely create a better career and life." (End)