Chelsea coach Frank Lampard says Spain's goalkeeper Kepa needs support after making a fatal foul during his team's 2-0 defeat by Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday.

Kepa became the most expensive goalkeeper in the world when he joined Chelsea from Athletic Bilbao for 80 million euros in 2018;

But he didn't always deliver the performance expected of him.

The Spanish goalkeeper made a mistake in yesterday's match when he returned the ball to Liverpool striker Sadio Mane, who in turn sent it straight into the net, scoring the second goal for the England champion.

"Given Kepa's position, this was definitely a mistake," Lampard said after the match. "A clear mistake that cost us a lot, because in this situation we are working on getting a penalty kick from which we might score a goal."

"These small differences change the course of matches at this level .. We must continue to work and Kepa must continue to work. He needs support from those around him, this is very clear."

Kepa, 25, was also criticized for a goal by Brighton & Hove Albion in the two teams' match on Monday, when he failed to stop Leandro Trussard's shot from outside the penalty area.

"Kepa has to keep working," Lampard added. "Nobody intends to make mistakes in football. This is the nature of the game. You have to maintain your strength and keep working."

Lampard confirmed that Willie Caballero will take over the goalkeeper from the start in the League Cup match against Barnsley on Wednesday.

Because Kepa is no longer trusted by Lampard, and the team is looking for a new goalkeeper to guard the "Blues" den, English and French media reports confirmed that the London team reached an agreement with French club Rennes, to include goalkeeper Eduardo Mendy.

Reports indicated that the 28-year-old's deal cost the team $ 26 million, pending the official announcement from Chelsea.