There are several players in the county in the form of private healthcare providers and pharmacies that sell antibody tests to the public.

Some of them are so-called quick tests where you get an answer within ten minutes.

- In general, the rapid tests are not as reliable as laboratory tests, which can create problems if the test shows that you have antibodies even though you do not have them, says Malin Bengnér, infection control doctor in Jönköping County.

Pharmacy manager Nora Merza, for her part, thinks that people can feel safe with the pharmacy's tests.

- Our tests have been approved by the Public Health Agency so you should feel calm, she says.

The region wants to focus on covid tests

The reason why the region has postponed the antibody testing of the general public indefinitely is that they want to focus on covid tests where the pressure is great to test themselves.

- The covide tests that show if you are ill are much more important than the antibody tests, says Malin Bengnér.

In the clip, you hear the infection control doctor warn of so-called rapid tests of antibodies.