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Paris SG gave the Professional Football League (LFP) a video showing, according to lip-reading experts, that Neymar would have been the victim of racist remarks during the OM-PSG shock, announce several Brazilian media.

The Globo TV channel, which brought together in a program broadcast on Sunday three experts to decipher the exchanges between the Parisian striker and the Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez, indicated on its site that this extract will be "used by PSG to try to prove racism against Neymar ".

The Uol news site for its part assured Monday that the video of the show had been handed over by the capital club to the LFP.

PSG has not yet officially commented on this video.

In the TV program Globo, three Brazilian experts, including a Spanish speaker of Colombian origin, say they are certain that Gonzalez called Neymar a "monkey" during the September 13 match at the Parc des Princes.

The experts had access to the images of the Téléfoot channel, holder of the broadcasting rights for Ligue 1 in France, which they analyzed in great detail.

"He clearly says the word 'mono' (monkey) in Spanish, as he turns his face (towards the camera). We don't see what he's saying before, but we all agree that he said the word 'mono', "expert Felipe Oliver, from the Brazilian National Institute of Deaf Education, said on the program.

Other television channels, including in Spain, have also had lip-reading analyzes carried out, but without identifying racist insults on the part of Alvaro Rodriguez.

Some Spanish media also report alleged homophobic insults by Neymar towards the Spanish player.

Last week, the League announced that it would investigate alleged racist remarks by Alvaro Gonzalez.

"We know that there was an exchange of words. But today, the certainties are not sufficient to call the players," said the chairman of the disciplinary committee of the LFP, Sébastien Deneux.

"The investigation will reveal if there are other facts likely to lead to consequences on a disciplinary level", he continued.

Neymar was suspended two firm matches for a slap to the back of the defender's head during clashes that polluted the end of the "Clasico" won by OM (1-0).

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