Novak Djokovic, the number one player in the world rankings for men's tennis tennis, advanced to the final of the Rome Masters on Sunday by beating Norway's Casper Ruud's 7-5, 6-3.

The victory was overshadowed - as was already quite familiar to Djokovic - by the uncontrollable temperament of the Serb.

This time it was his honor to hear the referee of the match, who on three occasions lined the decision of a meager margin, contrary to Djokovic's view.

The Serb argued with the judge on three occasions about Ruud’s strokes that touched the boundaries of the field.

Every time Djokovic believed the ball was out - and every time the referee decided otherwise.

In the mass tournaments, according to the Hawkeye system, which is used only as a garnish for TV broadcasts, Djokovic was right in all situations.

Novak Djokovic and the Chief Judge often disagreed in the semifinals of the Rome Masters. Photo: CLIVE BRUNSKILL / REUTERS

- You are amazing, Djokovic audibly tormented the referee in the third game of the second round.

In his native language, the Serbian uploaded even harsher feedback to the judge and at the end of the controversy received a warning about outrageous language.

- I deserved a warning.

I didn’t say nice things in my native language.

I had a few disputes with the judge about those decisions.

I understand I was right every time, but it doesn’t matter.

Everyone is making mistakes, Djokovic found it after the match according to the tennis365 website.

Djokovic also gave power to his feelings in Rome in his semi-final match.

The 17-time grand slam winner against Dominik Koepfer, who did not score in Germany, received a warning after destroying his racket after the German put his pre-match surprisingly tight.

- It was neither the first nor the last racket I broke in my career.

I've done things like that before, and I will probably in the future.

I don’t want to do it, but when it happens, it happens, Djokovic explained after the semi-final, according to the Guardian.

- That's how I sometimes break my anger.

It’s not the best possible message from me, especially the young players who follow me, and I definitely don’t encourage anyone to follow my example.

Djokovic’s season has been incredibly successful, but still the Serbian star has been in the headlines mostly in a negative light.

In the summer, the show tournament he hosted turned into a fierce corona spin, and a couple of weeks ago, the second grand slam tournament of the season, the US Open, ended in disqualification when a 33-year-old inner bag hit the ball in his anger and hit the line judge’s throat unhappily.

The loss following the rejection to Pablo Carreno Busta of Argentina is Djokovic’s only loss for the whole year.