Nigeria: Edo State Swings Into Opposition Without Violence

The satisfaction of supporters of Godwin Obaseki after his re-election as governor of Edo, September 20, 2020. PIUS UTOMI EKPEI / AFP

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Until then the only southern oil state to be controlled by the APC, the party of President Muhammadu Buhari, Edo state is now in the hands of the main Nigerian opposition party, the PDP.

Internal dissensions within the majority party had pushed the outgoing governor - who was therefore reelected on Sunday - to join the opposition.

Earlier last week, the United States Embassy in Nigeria issued a stern warning against any spillover violence on the sidelines of these elections.


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With our correspondent in Lagos,

Liza Fabbian

After a very eventful electoral campaign, the change of camp of Governor Godwin Obaseki raised fears of the worst in Edo State.

But this weekend's election was ultimately "

 a success

 " according to the Nigerian Election Commission.

President Muhammadu Buhari himself welcomed the re-election of the past opposition governor and underlined his personal commitment to " 

free and fair elections 


But observers of Nigerian political life believe that a noticeable intervention by the US State Department is perhaps not unrelated to the good conduct of this election.

A week ago, his spokesperson Morgan Ortagus in a statement condemned " 

acts of violence, intimidation or corruption which have harmed Nigerians and undermined the democratic process 

" in several local elections during the year. 2019. The US government has said it is considering "

 visa restrictions for anyone accused of undermining the democratic process or organizing election-related violence 


The by-election to be held on October 10 in Ondo State will also be closely watched, the US statement said.


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