For the first time in the history of Changgun, a school district (ROTC) was appointed as the new Chief of Staff of the Army.

The Ministry of National Defense announced on the 21st that it had appointed five captains, including Nam Young-shin (58, school district 23), ground operations commander as the new army general.

The Ministry of National Defense explained, "We have moved away from the ranks, riders, and origins, and focused solely on recruiting outstanding talents with capabilities and character, and we selected Captain Nam Young-shin, who was the first school district officer since the founding of the army, as the Chief of Staff of the Army."

This is the first school district military general in 72 years since the army was founded in 1948.

Since the first president of a meat cultivator in 1969, it has been recorded as a director of a fattening cult after 51 years.

The Nam-in-chief was selected from the Army Special Warfare Commander to the Armed Forces Security Commander, dismantled the military security organization (reorganized after dismantling), led the creation of the Military Security Support Command, and served as the first security support commander.

He served as the commander of ground operations with Secretary of Defense Seo Wook as an officer as a rider and when Secretary Seo was the general of the army.

The Ministry of National Defense said, "In 1993, there was a case where the 31st Defense Minister Lee Byung-tae and the 30th Army General Kim Dong-jin worked together for about a year." He explained that he was in a commanding relationship as the ground operations commander and he was in good harmony at the time."

In addition, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's Chief of Staff, Lee Seong-yong (56th construction unit 34), was appointed as the Joint Chief of Strategic Planning.

He served as the Commander of the 10th Combat Flight Commander, the Chief of Planning and Management of the Air Force Headquarters, and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Deputy Chief of Staff Kim Seung-gyeom (57, 42 squadron) for the CFC, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Army, Ahn Joon-seok (56, 43 squadron) for Ground Operations Commander, Cheongwadae Secretary for Defense Reform of the Blue House, and Jeong-Soo Kim (57, 42 squadron) for the 2nd Operation Commander. Has been decided.

They will be appointed by President Moon Jae-in, who is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, through a resolution at the State Council on the 22nd.

The Ministry of National Defense explained, "This person first considered the competence and expertise to more systematically and soundly promote major defense policies such as defense reform, transition of wartime combat control, and innovation in military English.

He emphasized, "With this greeting, the military will militaryly support the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the establishment of a permanent peace regime while maintaining a strong military readiness." 

(Photo = Yonhap News)