“Maybe some taxes would not have to be raised,” Kudrin is quoted as saying by Interfax.

He said that in 2019 "they received 11.5 billion rubles from privatization."

At the same time, as the head of the Accounting Board said, “7.4 billion rubles are funds received from the repayment of debt under the 2010 privatization transaction”.

“That is, in total, we received 4.2 billion rubles from the privatization of exactly the objects of 2019,” Kudrin added.

Earlier, the government submitted to the State Duma a bill to increase the mineral extraction tax (MET) by 3.5 times from January 1, 2021 for metallurgists and fertilizer producers.

According to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, as a result next year the Russian budget will receive an additional 56 billion rubles.

Georgy Ostapkovich, director of the Center for Market Research at the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge at the Higher School of Economics, commented in an interview with RT on the government's plans to increase the MET for metallurgists and fertilizer producers.