China News Service, September 21. According to a report from the European Network of Italy, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense reported on the 20th epidemic situation. As of 18:00 on September 20, the cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide had increased to 298,156, of which 35,707 were dead. There were 44098 cases, 222 intensive care patients, and 218351 cured patients.

In the past 24 hours, there were 1587 new confirmed cases and 15 deaths.

  According to reports, the health department of the Italian region of Tuscany reported on the 20th that there were 147 new confirmed cases in the area that day, of which 13 were newly confirmed in Prato, including 3 Chinese citizens.

So far, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Prato has reached 803, with 53 deaths.

The local Chinese news agency has seen new confirmed cases for 5 consecutive days, with a total of 29 confirmed cases.

  The official of the Prato Education Bureau, Ilaria Santi, said that due to the five consecutive days of epidemics in the Chinese News Agency and the infected persons included adolescents and children, the absentee rate of Chinese school-age students reached the first week of school. More than 60%.

At present, the education department is considering the suggestions of parents of Chinese students to further improve campus epidemic prevention measures and add temperature monitoring for students entering the school.

I hope that Chinese students will return to school as soon as possible.