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  • The Rennes 24 Hours job fair welcomes 50 recruiters on Tuesday.

    More than 500 positions are to be filled.

  • While some sectors are suffering the full brunt of the crisis, others are taking advantage of it to attract new candidates.

  • In Brittany, the food industry is doing well. But we still have to convince ...

There are those who clink glasses.

For months and the start of the health crisis, the naval aviation industry, culture and the hotel industry have been at their worst.

But the coronavirus has also allowed certain sectors of activity to run at full speed.

We obviously think of the food industry, but also of the cleaning and transport professions.

Areas where the labor shortage was already great before the crisis and which are sorely lacking in arms as the country tries to raise its head.

This Tuesday, the Jacobins Convent will unveil a portrait of this France which is recruiting by hosting the 24 Hours for employment fair.

Long deserted, the Rennes convention center will see the arrival of around fifty recruiters, all looking for candidates.

About fifty is less than last year.

“We had a lot of last-minute requests and we had to refuse people.

If we welcome fewer companies, it is because we have to offer wider aisles to allow better distance, ”explains Thibaud Cottin, coordinator at L4M, who is organizing the event for the third time in Rennes.

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Find the @LeCnam_Bretagne team on Tuesday September 22 at the 24H job and training fair at @LeCouventRennes

Pre-registration required: pic.twitter .com / REfEzYKmoQ

- Le Cnam Bretagne (@LeCnam_Bretagne) September 18, 2020

Transport and logistics very present

The show, which sees around 2,000 visitors in one day, welcomes a very varied panel of recruiters.

Unsurprisingly, the health sector, led by Rennes University Hospital, will seek to strengthen.

Transport and logistics, very present in Brittany, are also looking for candidates, as are the cleaning professions, which are particularly in demand because of the health crisis.

The agri-food sector, which has been growing rapidly since the confinement, is the one with the biggest appetites.

“During the entire period of confinement, we had a lot of candidates who volunteered.

Students, people who weren't working… But since the start of the school year, it's more complicated.

Many people were able to resume their studies or their work ”, testifies Alexandra Le Corre, coordinator of the agency Go Intérim, whose Rennes branch is specialized in the food industry.

At the dawn of autumn, his group, which has eight agencies in the west, tries to seduce candidates to carry out “the winter season” which begins in October.

Forklift drivers, manufacturing and packaging agents are expected.

In slaughterhouses, there is still a shortage of cutting workers and butchers.

Situations which have not been upset by the arrival of Covid-19, but which could evolve due to the difficulties experienced in certain sectors.

“Before the summer, the candidates had the choice to go where they wanted.

There, we see that we are more and more in demand when we no longer have jobs to offer, ”admits François de Pena, pancake maker and vice-president of the Union des métiers et des industries de l ' hotel industry (Umih35).

In total, more than 500 positions will be filled on Tuesday in the bays of the Jacobins Convent.

A word of advice: remember to prepare for your visit.

Registration is compulsory.

Wearing a mask too, that goes without saying.


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