Care and education personnel can have themselves tested for corona with priority from Monday.

The GGD and the Ministry of Health have opened the number 0800-8101 on Monday at 8:00 am so that this group can immediately make an appointment.

The GGD is counting on a few thousand tests per day for these two specific groups.

To ensure that only teachers and nursing staff call the number, two checks are carried out: the caller is first checked on the phone and then also on the test street.

They need a statement from their employer showing that they belong to the target groups.

The government has asked employers to ensure that their employees do not make unnecessary use of this scheme, in order to prevent the priority streets from filling up too quickly.

The priority regulation applies temporarily until the capacity of the normal test lanes is restored.

For a long time the cabinet did not want to make a distinction

For a long time, the cabinet did not want to make a distinction between testing professional groups with corona-related complaints, but in response to concerns in the House of Representatives about staff shortages, it nevertheless discussed the options with the GGD.

Due to a shortage of capacity in the laboratories that analyze tests and the growing demand for corona tests, the test lines of the GGDs are under pressure.

The number of test requests is currently higher than what the GGDs can handle, so people have to wait longer for an appointment and the corresponding result.

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Priority applies only to certain essential groups

In education, this concerns personnel in (special) primary and secondary education.

The minister reports that they will be given priority if it is necessary to prevent children from receiving education.

The scheme does not apply to childcare employees.

Part of the healthcare staff is also given priority.

This concerns employees who, among other things, cannot be replaced by a colleague and who are also essential for patient and client care and the continuity of care.


Why errors can creep into the corona test

De Jonge has quickly promised more test capacity

De Jonge is working on increasing the lab capacity.

To this end, he has made agreements with three parties abroad.

He expects the capacity problems to be resolved by early October.

Only when more lab capacity is available can the test capacity be further scaled up.

Now almost 37,000 corona tests can be performed daily.

The minister hopes that this will be 50,000 a day by the end of September.

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