Telecom operator Elisa has announced that it will hold a major Counter-Strike tournament at the end of October.

Elisa Invitational, a BLAST Premier Qualifier will be played with eight teams from October 26-28.

The winning team will be crowned Nordic Champion, and the doors to the high-level and international BLAST Showdown will open.

  • Counter-Strike is a first-person tactical shooter game where two teams of five play against each other.

    The competition tournaments are played with a computer version, which is very popular in Finland and Western countries.

Finland's number one name ENCE has received a direct invitation, as have the hard Danish names MAD Lions and Heroic.

GODSENT from Sweden, represented by Jesse “ZehN” Linjala, and Apeks from Norway are also confirmed names.

Two teams will still be invited to the tournament venue, but Finland's other participant will survive next weekend.

Elisa has decided to invite a new Finnish champion to play, which is either HAVU Gaming, deer situation, SAWO Esports, SJK eSports, KOVA Esports, hREDS, SJ Gaming or FCottoNd.

Elisa organizes tournaments in several games, but mostly in Counter-Strike. Photo: Arttu Kokkonen / SEUL ry

Elisa's CS tournament is part of the BLAST tournament organizer's series.

BLAST Showdown is the last chance to get into the series ’autumn finals.

The teams that have been most successful in the fall finals will be invited to the $ 1 million world final, which is scheduled to play in January 2021.

Elisa offers two Finnish teams the opportunity to get big sums: $ 150,000 in prize money will be awarded in the showdown, 425,000 in the autumn finals and 1,000,000 in the world finals.

Aleksi “Aleksib” OG (center) led by OG is one of the BLAST series partner teams that compete with each other first in the group stage. Photo: Jak Howard / BLAST Premier

The qualifier tournament is a continuation of the BLAST qualifier organized by Elisa in the spring.

Elisa Invitational's matches have been divided into three days this time.

On Monday, the group stage matches will be played from 1 pm to 8.30 pm and on Tuesdays from 12 noon.

The semi-finals and final will be played on Wednesday from 12 noon to 11 pm.

The block stage is played in the so-called GSL format, where the continuation place requires two wins.

Correspondingly, two losses mean the end of the games.

Two teams from both blocks will advance.

Playoffs are traditionally played against a back wall.

Matches can be watched for free on Elisa's Twitch channel or Elisa Viihde Sport.

According to Elisa's press release, the popularity of esports has grown during the corona.

Through Twitch, tournament broadcasts were watched for 39 million minutes in April-June - 53 percent more than in January-March.