A woman suspected of sending a letter containing castor to President Donald Trump has been arrested in the United States, CNN reported.

The woman was arrested while heading from Canada to the United States at a border crossing point in New York State.

The woman had a gun in her desire at the time of her arrest.

The woman will be charged in Washington DC.

The American media reported over the weekend that a poison delivery to Trump had been stopped in the White House mail delivery.

Ricin, made from the beans of the castor plant, was found in the package.

Even the smallest dose of that poison can be deadly.

According to the New York Times, the woman suspected of sending the poison package is a Canadian citizen.

She had been deported from the United States because the woman was considered to have been involved in criminal activities.

The suspect had lived in the United States until last year, but was arrested in March 2019 at the Mission in Texas for possession of an unauthorized weapon, resisting an official, and carrying a forged driver’s license.

While the woman was in pre-trial detention, authorities found that the woman’s six-month visa had expired.

Because the woman had committed the crime while in the United States, she was deported to her home country.

This is not the first time someone has tried to send castor to Trump.

In 2018, former Navy soldier William Clyde Allen was charged with sending four cast letters to the president, the FBI chief, and the Department of Defense, among others.

Allen admitted to sending the letters, NBC reported at the time.