A video of a white police officer ordering a black man who kneels at a police dog to bite was controversial, and the police were handed over to trial.

On the 16th local time, US prosecutors in Salt Lake County, Utah, charged Officer Nicholas Pearce of the Salt Lake Police Department on charges of aggravated assault.

On April 24, Officer Pierce found Jeffrey Ryans in the backyard of his home after receiving reports of domestic violence, and was accused of using excessive violence in the process of suppressing him.

At the time, Officer Pierce knelt down and ordered the accompanying police dog to bite his leg. In this accident, Ryans suffered a major injury, including a torn skin on his left leg, and had to undergo several surgeries.

The Salt Lake Police Department said it would review the case and proceed with disciplinary proceedings for Officer Pierce, who is currently on leave.

In the United States, protests against racial discrimination and police violence continued in the case of'George Floyd', in which a white policeman was strangled in the knee of a white policeman in May, and'Jacob Blake', who was shot by police in front of his three sons in August. Is becoming.

However, similar incidents are still continuing, and as some protests have become violent, the goal of the conflict is deepening. Let's see the related content and video together.

(Composition: Hwiran Kim, editor: Hongmyeong Lee)