China News Service, September 20. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, recent polls show that the cabinet of Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has a support rate of more than 60%, and popular support is higher than when the predecessor Abe took office.

It is reported that Yoshihide Suga may rely on this high approval rate to dissolve the Diet and hold a general election in the near future.

  The cabinet of Yoshihide Suga took office on September 16, and the major Japanese media checked the temperature by phone.

A poll conducted by the "Asahi Shimbun" showed that his approval rate was 65%, and his disapproval rate was 13%. The support data was higher than that of Abe's two appearances; in 2006, Abe's approval rate was 63% and in 2012 it was 59%.

Suga Yoshihide ranks third among the first generations, second only to Junichiro Koizumi (78%) who came to power in 2001 and Yukio Hatoyama who came to power in 2009 (71%).

  Generally speaking, the prime minister who comes to power for the first time will get a higher approval rate than the previous prime minister.

"The Asahi Shimbun" pointed out that the characteristic of Yoshihide Suga is that he is liked by people of all ages.

During the campaign for the president of the Liberal Democratic Party, the media vigorously introduced Yoshihide Suga as a non-big city and non-hereditary politician.

Its image of "civilian prime minister" is the main reason for the high approval rate.

  For Suga Yoshihide’s policy, 63% have expectations.

Most of his cabinet members are from the Abe cabinet, with 58% affirming it.

The survey results also reflect the support rate of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (48%), which is much higher than the first opposition party, the Cadet Party (12%).

  Members of the Japanese House of Representatives will serve until October next year. Newspapers pay close attention to whether the high approval rate will become an indicator of Yoshihide Suga's decision to advance the general election.

  According to the Tokyo Shimbun, the Liberal Democratic Party’s hopes for early elections are loud, and some voices are also worried about Yoshihide Suga’s ability to defend against opposition parties in the fall of Congress, which will lead to a decline in support.

The news also revealed that the day after Yoshihide Suga took office, he had breakfast with the staff of the election propaganda company, and it was rumored that the election would be held on October 25 at the earliest.

  "Yomiuri Shimbun" believes that although Yoshihide Suga has played an auxiliary role in the Abe cabinet for seven years and eight months, his ability as a national leader is still unknown.

It is even more challenging for him to come to power before Japan is free from the new crown epidemic.