The day after the death of Judge Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Donald Trump wants to appoint a new judge to the Supreme Court, "without delay".

At a meeting on Saturday, he announced that he would announce a nominee next week.

Democrats are contesting this decision, saying the presidential election is too close.

Following the death of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, US President Donald Trump wants to go fast.

He repeated it on Saturday at a campaign rally in North Carolina as his supporters chanted “replace the vacant seat!”.

The US president then replied that he would announce a nominee next week.

"And it will be a woman!"

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Democrats accuse Republicans of hypocrisy

Is this really possible?

Donald Trump can count on the Republican-majority Senate to quickly organize the nomination process.

Nonetheless, a moderate Republican senator has already announced that she will refuse to support her choice because the elections are too close, she said.

For his part, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has warned the president.

"Voters must first choose the president, and the president must then propose a judge to the Senate."

On the other hand, Democrats accuse Republicans of hypocrisy.

In 2016, in fact, the Republican camp had blocked the appointment of a judge to the Supreme Court, believing that we should not appoint a judge in an election year.