United Nations General Assembly Leaders' Speech Focused on Attitude toward International Cooperation in the US-China Conflict September 21, 6:15


The United Nations General Assembly will hold a ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its founding on the 21st, and the summit speech will begin on the 22nd.

While the conflict between the United States and China is intensifying, the focus is on the attitude of each country as international cooperation is required to respond to global issues such as the new coronavirus and global warming.

The UN General Assembly, held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, begins in an unusual online-centric format to combat the new corona virus, and every year, the leaders and representatives of 193 UN member states meet together. The speech will also be a video speech.

Leaders speech begins at 22 days, the first day to the United States of playing cards presidents and of China Xi Jinping Jintao, Russian President Vladimir Putin and speech.

Prior to this, a ceremony will be held on the 21st to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations.

Secretary-General António Guterres said at a press conference earlier that he needed international cooperation amid the urgent need to respond to the new coronavirus and global warming, and the politics confirmed the promotion of international cooperation at the conference. The declaration will be adopted.

In addition, Secretary-General António Guterres has often expressed concern that the conflict between the United States and China risks separating the world, and in an interview on the 9th, "I am worried that the risk will develop into a real conflict in the future. Listen to. "

As the conflict between the United States and China intensifies, the focus will be on how the leaders of each country will respond to global issues and show their attitude toward international cooperation in the summit speech from the 22nd.

Leaders' speeches from each country The focus is

The summit speeches of each country will be held from the 22nd to the weekend for 6 days, basically in the form of a video speech projected on a large screen in the hall.


The summit speech will be delivered by representatives of 196 countries and regions, including 193 UN member states, the Palestinian Authority, the Vatican City, and the EU = European Union.

Every year, the head of state attends and gives speeches in 70 to 80 countries, but this is expected to be the highest ever, with more than 110 countries due to video speeches that do not require attendance.

22 days of the first day, the United States of playing cards president, China's Xi Jinping Jintao, Russian President Vladimir Putin, South Korea's Moon Jane (Moon Jae-in) president, Iran's Rouhani president, addressed macron presidents of France, of Japan Prime Minister Kan's speech is scheduled for the afternoon of the 25th, the fourth day.

Focus is on international cooperation

One of the focal points of this year is how each country will take an attitude toward international cooperation, which is the foundation of the United Nations, amid the intensifying conflict between the United States' unilateral behavior and the great powers of China and Russia. is.

The Trump administration in the United States has insisted on China that there are security problems with China's communication equipment over the next-generation communication standard 5G, and is trying to keep out from each country and the giant economic zone concept "One Belt, One Road" It shows a strong sense of caution against the expansion of its influence under the conditions and the advance into the ocean, and has made a clear opposition.

On the other hand, China has criticized America's actions as unilateral, and it seems that it is trying to expand its support to each country by appealing its support for international cooperation.

In addition, while the relationship between the United States and Russia is said to be the worst after the Cold War, China and Russia are approaching each other in terms of security, and the conflict between the great powers is intensifying.

Regarding this situation, Secretary-General António Guterres has raised concerns that the conflict between the United States and China risks dividing the world into two, calling for the importance of international cooperation, and the focus of the UN General Assembly on how countries will respond to this. It will be.

Corona and climate change

In addition, this time, the response to the new coronavirus and global warming is positioned as an important issue that the international community as a whole should tackle.

Regarding the new coronavirus, in addition to supporting people in conflict, there are concerns about vaccine containment and competition, and efforts to share it fairly are required even in countries with weak economic power.

As for global warming countermeasures, as the United States announces its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the issue is how to increase the momentum for the international community as a whole.

Iran, Middle East Peace, North Korea

Regional issues will also focus on the response to Iran and North Korea, and the position of each country on peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine.

Regarding Iran, the Trump administration unilaterally declared the revival of UN sanctions, while the United Nations Security Council and the five countries involved in the nuclear agreement, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Russia, accepted it. In no position, the Trump administration's unilateral behavior stands out.

Regarding peace in the Middle East, the Trump administration is actively working to improve relations between Israel and the Arab countries, increasing pressure on Palestine to refuse dialogue.

Palestine is strongly opposed to these movements, but a number of Arab countries are in line with the movement to improve relations with Israel, especially what position Saudi Arabia, a major power in the Middle East, will take, and the Palestinian Authority's provisional autonomous government. How each country will react to the speech by Chairman Abbas will be a predictor of the future.

In the situation in North Korea, while the US-North Korea denuclearization negotiations are stalled, Western countries and Japan have shown a stance of strict sanctions and maintaining pressure on North Korea, while China and Russia have relaxed sanctions and talked. Insists that it should be encouraged.

North Korea's UN Ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Sung, is scheduled to give a speech on the final day of the summit speech, and there is growing interest in his remarks.