US President Trump has announced that he will promptly enforce the nomination of the late Federal Justice Justice Ruth Vader Ginsburg, a fierce political battle is expected.

"I'm going to be a woman. I'm going to be a very talented and wonderful woman," Trump said during a presidential campaign in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

"I think I have to be women because I like women so much more than men," Trump added.

Earlier at the White House, he told reporters that "there will be nominations very soon," he said, stating his plans for nominations for the next week and mentioning the leading candidates.

Currently, conservative women inside and outside the White House and in the press, Amy Connie Barrett, 7th Federal High Court judge and 11th Federal High Court judge Barbara Lagoa, are the most influential successors.

President Trump told White House reporters that Judge Barrett was very respected, and of Judge Lagoa he was "extraordinary and Hispanic."

Regarding the succession process, he said, "I want to respect the process, and that process will proceed," and "I think it will go quickly."

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)