China News Service, September 20. According to the "Central News Agency" report, Russian opposition activist Navalny uploaded a photo of himself walking down the stairs on his personal social networking site account and said that his path to recovery was "obviously visible." .

  Navariny said: "Let me talk about my recovery. The road to recovery is obvious, although it is long." He said that he still couldn't make a phone call, and because his feet were shaking, he had to pour water into a glass or climb stairs. Difficulties.

  Navalny is a well-known Russian opposition figure.

On August 20, he suddenly fell into a coma on the way to Moscow, and then the plane made an emergency landing in Omsk.

Local doctors in Omsk stated that no trace of poison was found in Navalin.

Since then, Navalny was taken by a special plane to a hospital in Berlin, Germany for treatment.

  On September 2, the German Federal Government stated that the German military laboratory found "clear evidence" of "Novijok" nerve agents in Navarine after conducting toxicological tests.

On September 14, the German government announced that the French and Swedish laboratories confirmed that Navalny had been attacked by "Novichok" nerve agents through independent analysis.

  Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov urged Germany to stop continuing to politicize the Navalny incident.