Time and time again, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane and Welsh star Gareth Bale denied that there are differences between them, but the truth is that the two men have avoided seeing each other for more than two years, and these are the most prominent reasons that prompted the player to return to the Premier League.

Things got to the point where the Frenchman does not want to work with the Welshman, and the latter does not want Zizou to be his coach.

What are the reasons for this close disagreement?

How did the "urn" break between the two parties?

The story of the dispute goes back to May 26, 2018, the night of the Champions League final, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine, at that time Zidan Isco preferred to Bale in this match.

But this does not mean that Zidane did not place his confidence in Bell from the beginning, as the French coach used to repeat the saying that the "BBC" trio (Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo) would not be replaced if they were at their level, and he was already linking the saying when he involved them two basic .

But on the condition of presenting the required level and attending mentally and physically, he began to retreat to Bale, who was afflicted with injuries, so Zidane tried to search for solutions, so it was necessary to change the plan from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, and involve Isco, who was at the top of his level.

Returning to the Kiev 2018 Final, Bale participated in that match as a substitute, scoring two goals

The first came from a distinctive kick, and the second from a long-range shot, the German goalkeeper Carius mistook it, and from that day things were not fixed and the Welsh captain did not forgive the French coach.

After this match, Bale declared it explicitly, "If I don't play, I will leave," but who left at the time was Zidane, then Ronaldo followed him, and Bale and his agent took advantage of the opportunity to attack the French coach fiercely.

On the tenth of March 2019, Zidane decided to return to Real, and at the same time Bale began to think about leaving the team.

A month after his return, Zidane counterattacked Bale, saying, "I don't know if Bale's thinking is in Madrid," following Real Madrid's loss from Rayo Vallecano.

At that time, Bill was no longer with his team-mates to the club's sports city, but took a private plane back to his home in Madrid.

More than that, Zidane clearly asked Bale to leave "if you leave today is better than tomorrow", and at that time, Bale reached an agreement with a Chinese team, but Real Madrid stood in the way of the deal.

After all that happened, Bale returned to training and Zidan gave him another chance, but he only scored twice throughout the season. Then came a sign - after an international match for the Welsh national team - reading "Wells, then golf, then Madrid" to overshadow the relations of the two parties in the past season, and then took Zidane is a drastic step and without hesitation, so he completely ignored him and did not put him in the team's plans and put him on the bench.

As for the drop that flooded the cup, it was his refusal to travel to England to face Manchester City in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Here, the divorce took place completely before Tottenham intervened and included Bill on loan, and he saved all parties.