The propaganda media in North Korea today (20th) accused the ROK-US diplomatic authorities of the'Alliance Dialogue', a working-level consultative body that is considering the establishment of a new one, as "a trap of subordination and subordination."

The propaganda media'Echo' today said,'Because there are not enough working groups, even alliance talks?' In the post of the title, "I am begging myself to grab the trouser crotch of foreign powers and tighten the noose on my own collar," he said.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are advertising loudly as an organization that allows them to quickly decide the issues at a high level by discussing the issues in detail from the bottom up," he said. "These advertisements are a silly to hide the reactionary nature of the alliance dialogue, a snare of subordination and subordination." Insisted.

In particular, "So far, the South Korean authorities have been talking loudly about the'Alliance' with the United States, but the result was so miserable," he said. "I rhyme with the'Alliance' so that my mouth is worn out, but I wish they were forced into irresistible humiliation and reproach. Now it's time to wake up,” he said.

Earlier, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choi Jong-Geon said that after having a meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegan and the ROK-US Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, he is promoting the first'Alliance Dialogue' meeting in October, and that there is no disagreement with the United States regarding the establishment of a council.