At 4 pm on Sunday, a fire broke out in several of the large piles of chips and pellets at the Heating Plant on Energigatan in Norrköping.

The wood piles are about 20-25 meters high and 50-100 meters in circumference and right now it is burning with open flames, according to the Rescue Service.

- I'm standing here in the area watching the fire right now.

There are two large piles burning.

The flames are not so high and no buildings are in danger, but there is a very strong smoke development, says Björn Persson, regional communications manager for Eon.

By 6 p.m., the fire had spread to a large pile of timber.

Close doors and windows

The rescue service tries to get control of the fire by extinguishing water and also moves parts of the wood chip pile.

- The wind is blowing towards Bråviken so those who feel the most now are those who live in Lindö, says Mikael Kalered, internal commander at the Rescue Service in Östra Götaland.

The rescue service urges people not to stay nearby and to go in and close doors, windows and ventilation if they feel the smoke.

Strong heat generation

According to Björn Persson at Eon, the fire originated in a pile of wood chips, so-called biofuel.

- What can happen is that there is a strong heat development inside such piles that are so strong that a fire occurs.

To avoid this, we continuously take heat samples in our piles to detect abnormal levels.

What started the fire is still unknown and will be investigated in the future.

Helicopters on their way to the site

The rescue service has requested reinforcements from MSB, the Swedish Agency for Protection and Emergency Planning, to assist in the fire.

- Yes, we have submitted a request for help and several helicopters are on their way there now to help cool down from above, Mikael Kalered.

The article is updated.

The rescue service is on site with about 30 people to try to gain control of the fire in a pile of chips at the Heating Plant.

Right now it is burning uncontrollably, according to the rescue service.

Photo: Niklas Luks