In the Stars, Stars competition, an opera song will be heard on Sunday night as the contestants jump into the wonderful world of opera.

For many contestants, opera is the most challenging and frightening genre in advance, as opera singing is much different from ordinary singing.

One of the pre-favorites of the competition is actor, singer and ex-footballer Konsta Hietanen.

Hietanen prepared for the rehearsal of Sunday evening together with Lilli Paasikivi, the artistic director of the National Opera.

Paasikivi is a long-standing opera professional who shared his skills and tips with all the stars of the Stars, Stars competition.

Hietanen's opera vocals even made the absolute professional in his field embarrassed.

Paasikivi's eyes flew on his back as Hietanen opened his mouth and echoed his opera song.

Paasikivi followed Hietanen's singing with his mouth open in amazement.

  • Watch a clip of Hietanen's exercises in the video of the article!

- As a professional in the field, it is always wonderful to come across these natural talents, which Konstak really is, Paasikivi glowed in the exercises.

- Yeah, let's stop here!

Hi, absolutely awesome, Paasikivi admired Hietanen.

Although Hietanen's interpretation caused Paasikivi to be embarrassed, he also had to offer him advice and guidance.

The singer listened intently to tips to hone the best of the opera.

- It's a bit like a marathon run, that if you start it wrong, then there's no power at the end, Hietanen ponders.

Konsta Hietanen has charmed the Stars, the Stars spectators and the program jury with their tremendous throwing week after week.

Hevi, British pop and hip hop have been great for him.

In addition to Hietanen, ABREU, Suvi Teräsniska, Tommi Läntinen, Hanna Pakarinen and Päivi Lepistö will continue in the race.