Japanese researchers have developed a technology that can quickly make proteins with the same properties as antibodies produced in the body of corona19 patients.

Japanese researchers expect this technology to be applied to tests for COVID-19 infection and to develop new treatments.

According to NHK reports, Professor Yutaka Murakami of Nagoya University and a research group at the Nagoya Medical Center have succeeded in artificially creating proteins, such as antibodies, that occur in the body of patients infected with Corona 19.

Until now, it has taken at least several weeks to create antibodies that function to prevent corona 19 from invading cells.

However, Japanese researchers have developed a new technology called the ``TRAP presentation'' that quickly selects which of more than 10 trillion intraocular bodies bind to a specific virus.

Using this method, an artificial antibody for COVID-19 can be made in 4 days.

The researchers explained that the artificial antibody has a characteristic that binds very strongly with the toxic Corona 19 virus, meaning that it has been confirmed to have an effect on inhibiting the virus's cellular infection.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)