DRC: in the FCC-Cach coalition, ambitions are emerging for the 2023 presidential election

Congolese President Félix Tshisékédi and his predecessor Joseph Kabila during the investiture ceremony of the new head of state in Kinshasa, January 24, 2019. REUTERS / Olivia Acland

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The tone continues to rise between Cach and the FCC forming the ruling coalition.

Ambitions are felt within both camps.

And the desire for Kabila's return in 2023 is no longer hidden by some FCC executives.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

Kamanda wa Kamanda

On paper, they are allies, but the FCC coalition and the Cach platform do not refrain from flaunting their disagreements whenever the opportunity is offered.

According to several observers, mistrust and doubt, which characterize the relations between the two political families, are at the basis of the blockage observed in several sectors of national life.

Power struggles

In particular, there was the delay in appointments within public companies and the controversy over the appointment

of officials to the CENI


There is also the feud over recent appointments to the military and the judiciary.

The FCC has already set the tone for the territorial.

The organization of the elections and the institutional framework must be carried out in full transparency so as to reassure the stakeholders.

It is therefore clear that the stake is the presidential election of 2023. With this election, the PPRD (present in the FCC coalition) and the FCC hope to bring Kabila back to power.

Claude Nyamugabo, Minister of the Environment and PPRD executive, explains that Kabila's return to power is not a slogan, addressing PPRD activists in Kolwezi.

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While the UDPS intends to retain the leadership of the country.

And, if possible, overthrow the parliamentary majority in its favor.

Augustin Kabuya, interim secretary general of the UDPS, recalls that President Félix Tshisekedi is accountable only to the Congolese people, and not to an individual regardless of his rank.


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