1. Linen, wood and durable values

Italian Elle Decor recently selected Finnish Aino Michelsen among the 30 most interesting young designers.

Michelsen, who has designed mainly for the Finnish Interface in recent years, believes that quality is a rising trend.

- I want to believe that people are interested in the fact that the manufacture and production of furniture is on a sustainable basis.

Sustainability is also a value attached to Finnish design in the world, which we should cherish.

Michelsen does not consider following trends to be a bad thing.

However, they should be monitored in the light of the principles of sustainable development.

- I hope that the pace of trends will slow down.

Interior design choices may be emotion-based, even impulse purchases, but the idea may still be that the product will last for a while.

Current and at the same time ecological interior favorites are natural materials such as linen and certified wood.

In addition, Aino Michelsen invites to decorate with vintage objects. Photo: Seppo Solmela / IS

Current and at the same time ecological interior design favorites are natural materials such as linen and certified wood.

In addition to these, Michelsen urges to decorate with vintage objects.

- It is trendy to decorate in such a way that new furniture and objects are brought into the home, the expert suggests.

2. Colors in moderation

Strong colors are now visible in interior design trends, but the color experiments of Finnish interior designers remain largely moderate, says Kimmo Suomi, CEO of Virtanen's paint factory.

- Screaming colors are still not wanted, but black, white and gray are already wanted.

My feeling is that at the moment, for example, warm brown and blue-green are interesting shades.

Among the trends of the autumn are, among other things, warm brown paint tones.

Modern glass lamps are also of interest. Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

Also in terms of the gloss of the paints, Finns still want to keep the candle stable.

- The matt surface does not shine or crack.

That is what Finns most often choose.

At the moment, the paint trends also show an investment in indoor air issues.

3. Brass lamps and gold color

Where the end of the 21st century elevated the classical luminaires of the 60s and 70s to unpredictable values, the luminaires that breathe the design language of the 50s have risen alongside it.

Those who follow their time can now choose, for example, a modern glass lamp or a classic of a well-known designer.

- The decorative images and magazines show strong gold tones, suggests Mariya Sadovnychenko, Innolux's marketing coordinator.


 Now the brass lamps are cherished, and the heir then fights for them.

Of the materials, brass is one of the most sought after.

Something about the increase in value is the fact that even a few decades ago, Paavo Tynell's valuable lamps made of the same material might end up in landfills.

- Now brass lamps are being nurtured, and the heir will fight for them in due course.

The feel and weight of genuine materials are appreciated, Innolux's sales director Joni-Petteri Ikonen suggests.

4. The bed became an eye-catcher

Until ten years ago, the bedroom was a place whose door was closed when guests quickly closed.

Now it has become a room decorated like the rest of the home.

At its best, a bed is an eye-catcher whose various elements, such as a loose end or cover fabric, can vary as taste changes.

At its best, the bed is an eye-catcher, the different elements of which, such as the loose end or the cover fabric, can vary as the taste changes. Photo: Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki

According to Matri's product designer Elli Lehnhoff, rattan heads, for example, have become trendy in recent years.

- People have also become bolder about colors.

Popular are, for example, lovely, pastel-like velvet surfaces, Lehnhoff tips.

You should invest in the most important room in your home.

Our whole well-being is based on sleep.

- A good bed should last at least a decade, but it can be upgraded over time to suit the life situation and the interior, Lehnhoff suggests.